LexisNexis Glance Card: Tort Law (Negligence) at a Glance

LexisNexis Glance Card: Tort Law (Negligence) at a Glance provides a roadmap to answering a problem question in this core area of law.

Published: 01 March, 2015

Publisher: LexisNexis Australia

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The first of its kind, LexisNexis Glance Cards are dynamic and easy-to-use cards that cover the major core subject areas of law, including Criminal, Contract, Property, Trusts, Equity, Corporations, Constitutional, Administrative, Evidence and Torts Law. Highly designed, each card captures the essence of each core subject offering a roadmap to problem questions using notes, flowcharts and eye-catching lists. Written by law professionals and teachers, Glance Cards are an ideal reference tool for both students and practitioners.

  1. Audit Planning, Understanding the Entity and Risk Assessment
  2. Internal Control and Fraud Risk
  3. Auditor’s Procedure in Response to Assessed Risks
  4. IT Systems: Internal Control and Audit Evidence
  5. Audit Conclusions and Reporting Introduction
  6. Other Types of Audit, Review and Assurance Engagements
  7. Quality Control, Ethical Requirements, Independence, Corporate Governance and Litigation
  8. Assignments
  9. Practice Examinations

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