International Law

International Law

LexisNexis Australia offers a wide selection of the latest edition International Law titles and ebooks. This comprehensive selection features titles relating to international law, public international law, private international law, international business and trade law, and conflict of laws in Australia.
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  1. View details A Practical Guide to Investment Treaties – Asia Pacific
    Author(s): Kanaga Dharmananda SC LLB (Hons) (W.Aust), BCL (Oxon), LLM (Harv), Baxter Roberts LLB (Hons) (W.Aust), Michael Feutrill LLM (Dist.) LLB BEc (W.Aust)
    ISBN: 9780409340709
    Publication Date: July 2015

    A Practical Guide to Investment Treaties—Asia Pacific provides the reader with an understanding of the essentials of international investment law, as affected by a bilateral or multilateral investment treaty.

    Starting at AUD$ 173.00

  2. View details Conflict of Laws as Taxonomy: A New Approach
    Author: Frank Bates
    ISBN: 9780409340280

    Conflict of Laws as Taxonomy: A New Approach offers a unique analytical and doctrinal approach to the conflict of laws. Its purpose is to review and assess the traditionally accepted methodology and taxonomy used in the resolution of cross-jurisdictional matters and to suggest alternative ways in which such matters may be classified, with resulting practical application to the conduct of cross-border disputes.

    Starting at AUD$ 217.00

  3. View details Nygh’s Conflict of Laws In Australia, 10th edition
    Author(s): Michael Douglas, Andrew Bell, Martin Davies, Paul Le Gay Brereton
    ISBN: 9780409349207
    Publication Date: October 2019

    Nygh’s Conflict of Laws in Australia, 10th Edition is an essential guide to the principles governing cross-jurisdictional private law disputes

    Starting at AUD$ 208.00

  4. View details LexisNexis WorkBook: Public International Law
    Author: Sarah Heathcote
    ISBN: 9780409350654
    Publication Date: May 2019

    LexisNexis Workbook: Public International Law is an invaluable resource for assessment and exam preparation in international law

    Starting at AUD$ 34.00

  5. View details LexisNexis Study Guide: International Law
    Author(s): Bridget Lewis, Ottavio Quirico, Stephen Tully
    ISBN: 9780409338935

    This invaluable study guide provides a contemporary and accessible foundation for the study of all key aspects of international law. It covers the fundamentals of theory and practice and highlights issues of particular relevance to Australia.

    Starting at AUD$ 66.00

  6. View details International Law: Current Concepts and Future Directions
    Author: M Rafiqul Islam
    ISBN: 9780409332780

    International Law: Current Concepts and Future Directions is a scholarly, comprehensive and coherent study of contemporary international law.

    Starting at AUD$ 139.00

  7. View details International Law: Contemporary Principles and Practices, 2nd Edition
    Author: Gillian D Triggs
    ISBN: 9780409327038

    Authoritative and analytical discussion of the foundations and development of International Law.
    Format: Paperback 

    Starting at AUD$ 202.00

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