Dispute Resolution & Civil Procedure

Dispute Resolution & Civil Procedure

LexisNexis Australia offers a comprehensive and updated selection of books and ebooks on dispute resolution and civil procedure.
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  1. View details LexisNexis Study Guide: Civil Procedure, 3rd edition
    Author(s): Stephen Colbran, Tania Penovic
    ISBN: 9780409354249
    Publication Date: April 2022

    Begin exam preparation or revision with this essential tool for success.

    Starting at AUD$ 63.00

  2. View details Civil Procedure: Commentary and Materials, 8th edition
    Author(s): Stephen Colbran, Peta Spender, Tania Penovic
    ISBN: 9780409354263
    Publication Date: May 2022

    An essential resource on civil procedure for students and practitioners

    Starting at AUD$ 162.00

  3. View details Hammerschlag’s Commercial Court Handbook, 2nd edition
    Author: David Hammerschlag
    ISBN: 9780409355970
    Publication Date: March 2022

    A practical guide to conducting proceedings in the NSW Supreme Court commercial lists.

    Starting at AUD$ 139.00

  4. View details Australian Dispute Resolution
    Author: Rachael Field
    ISBN: 9780409353587
    Publication Date: December 2021

    Authoritative and comprehensive coverage of Australian dispute resolution theory and practice

    Starting at AUD$ 147.00

  5. View details Civil Procedure in the Solomon Islands
    Author(s): Andrew Quinn, Dr Dominic Katter, Jason Ward, Whitlam Khalegedi Togamae
    ISBN: 9780409351729
    Publication Date: November 2020

    An annotated work on the Solomon Islands Courts (Civil Procedure) Rules 2007

    Starting at AUD$ 354.00

  6. View details International and Australian Commercial Arbitration
    Author(s): Clyde Croft, Drossos Stamboulakis, Marilyn Warren
    ISBN: 9780409353075
    Publication Date: December 2021

    Authoritative, analytical and comprehensive coverage of commercial arbitration law and practice

    Starting at AUD$ 185.00

  7. View details Law of Costs, 5th edition
    Author: Gino Dal Pont
    ISBN: 9780409353839
    Publication Date: August 2021

    An accessible guide to the burgeoning ‘legal costs industry’

    Starting at AUD$ 501.00

  8. View details Law of Limitation, 2nd edition
    Author: Gino Dal Pont
    ISBN: 9780409353181
    Publication Date: December 2020

    Navigating the intricacies of limitations schemas that are far from uniform across Australia

    Starting at AUD$ 272.00

  9. View details Australian Commercial Arbitration, 2nd edition
    Author(s): Kieran Hickie, John Hockley , Clyde Croft, William KQ Ho
    ISBN: 9780409351316
    Publication Date: December 2020

    A detailed, analytical text providing guidance on the interpretation of the harmonised arbitration legislation in Australia.

    Starting at AUD$ 174.00

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