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  1. View details Commonwealth Legislation & Administrative Law Collection 2017
    Author: Lexis Nexis
    ISBN: 9780409344837

    This up-to-date collection of Commonwealth legislation and administrative law serves as an easy reference for the study of constitutional, administrative and public law. The book includes the Acts that are central to the study and understanding of law and the foundations of the Australian legal system, and offers a selection of relevant legislation.

    Starting at AUD$ 59.00

  2. View details Children and the Law in Australia, 2nd edition
    ISBN: 9780409342024

    Edited by Lisa Young and Geoffrey Monahan

    The second edition of this highly-regarded work provides extensive coverage of the ways in which the law and children interact. Topics such as criminal law, the internet, immigration law, family law, medical law, discrimination law, education and the legal process are included with contributions from expert authors in each area.

    Starting at AUD$ 169.00

  3. View details Understanding Contract Law a practical guide
    Author(s): Mark Giancaspro, Colette Langos
    ISBN: 9780409344141

    A straightforward understanding of contract law, written for the non-lawyer reader.

    Starting at AUD$ 114.00

  4. View details Criminal Defences in Australia, 5th edition
    Author(s): Malcolm Barrett, Paul Fairall
    ISBN: 9780409339079

    A well respected and widely cited analysis of the defences available in answer to criminal offences in all jurisdictions of Australia.

    Starting at AUD$ 273.00

  5. View details Principles of Australian Constitutional Law, 5th edition
    Author(s): Patrick Keyzer, Asaf Fisher , Christopher Goff
    ISBN: 9780409341959

    A clear and succinct introduction to constitutional law in Australia.

    Starting at AUD$ 134.00

  6. View details Governance and Conduct Obligations in Financial Services
    Author: Leif Gamertsfelder LLB
    ISBN: 9780409343489

    Governance and Conduct Obligations in Financial Services is a comprehensive and incisive text that specifically covers corporate governance, conduct obligations and conduct risk.

    This has been an area of intense ongoing interest among consumers, media, politicians, regulators and of course industry participants.

    Starting at AUD$ 154.00

  7. View details LexisNexis Study Guide: Trusts, 3rd edition
    Author(s): Susan Barkehall Thomas, Vicki Vann
    ISBN: 9780409341997

    This Study Guide is designed to assist law students with the foundations for effective, systematic revision and exam preparation, providing clear explanations of principles and concise summaries of key cases. The third edition of LexisNexis Study Guide: Trusts has been revised and updated throughout.

    Starting at AUD$ 66.00

  8. View details Electronic Contracts, 2nd edition
    Author: Simon Blount
    ISBN: 9780409340747

    Electronic Contracts 2nd edition identifies common law principles and issues that are uniquely problematic for electronic contracts.

    “This review was first published in the Law Institute Journal Victoria – Volume 90 Issue 06 June 2016”

    Starting at AUD$ 136.99

  9. View details LexisNexis Case Summaries - Civil Procedure
    Author: Kirk Simmons LLB
    ISBN: 9780409339819

    LexisNexis Case Summaries — Civil Procedure provides a concise summary of the key teaching cases in civil procedure in Australia.

    Starting at AUD$ 48.00

  10. View details LexisNexis Case Summaries: Family Law, 6th edition
    Author: Duncan Holmes
    ISBN: 9780409341737

    A concise summary of the key cases in Australian Family Law. It is a great revision tool for students and an excellent quick reference for practitioners wishing to stay current with key decisions in this dynamic area of law.

    Starting at AUD$ 48.00

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