Questions & Answers: Intellectual Property

The questions and answers in this book are designed to cover the broad subject of "intellectual property" in a comprehensive way.
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The questions and answers in this book are designed to cover the broad subject of "intellectual property" in a comprehensive way. All of the major subjects in this fascinating area of law are included in this book - including copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, the right of publicity, and unfair competition. The key aspects of each of these areas of law are addressed in a systematic way - subject matter and validity, ownership and duration of rights, infringement and remedies, and defenses and limitations.

Aside from this legal framework, however, it is important to know that intellectual property covers an amazing array of varied creative endeavor. That is because intellectual property law has an impact on the most dynamic activities and enterprises in today's interconnected world - movies, music, the Internet, social media, inventive activity, business franchises, and entrepreneurship. If you can answer or at least understand the questions and answers in this book, you are ready to begin a journey into the most interesting area of law available to us today. Each of the questions in this book has an answer that is superior to the other possible answers.

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Table of Contents

TOPIC 1. Copyrights-Subject Matter & Validity 

TOPIC 2. Copyrights-Ownership & Duration

TOPIC 3. Copyrights-Infringement & Remedies

TOPIC 4. Copyrights-Defenses & Limitations

TOPIC 5. Patents & Trade Secrets-Subject Matter & Validity

TOPIC 6. Patents & Trade Secrets-Ownership & Duration

TOPIC 7. Patents & Trade Secrets-Infringement & Remedies

TOPIC 8. Patents & Trade Secrets-Defenses & Limitations

TOPIC 9. Trademarks & Unfair Competition—Subject Matter & Validity

TOPIC 10. Trademarks & Unfair Competition-Ownership & Duration

TOPIC 11. Trademarks & Unfair Competition-Infringement & Remedies

TOPIC 12. Trademarks & Unfair Competition-Defenses & Limitations

TOPIC 13. Right of Publicity & Idea Protection

TOPIC 14. Overview of Intellectual Property