Skills & Values: Intellectual Property

Skills & Values: Intellectual Property allows students to experience the connection between theory, doctrine, and practice in Intellectual Property law.
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2011 Edition
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The Skills & Values Series is an innovative hybrid series of subject-specific, practice-oriented books and online materials supported by Web Courses (powered by Blackboard 9.1). The series is designed as a tool for professors to teach practical and analytical skills that can help students serve future clients competently, skillfully, and in an ethical manner.

Skills & Values: Intellectual Property allows students to experience the connection between theory, doctrine, and practice in Intellectual Property law. The exercises provide an opportunity for studying Intellectual Property concepts from the perspective of a practicing attorney who must not only know the law, but also employ lawyering skills and values - such as legal strategy, factual development, advocacy, counseling, drafting, problem solving, and ethical principles - in zealously representing a client.

Each chapter in Skills & Values: Intellectual Property addresses a specific topic covered in most Intellectual Property law school courses. The chapters begin with an introduction to help bridge the gap between the actual practice of law and the doctrine and theory studied in class. Students will then have the opportunity to engage in active, "hands on" learning by working through a stand-alone exercise that simulates a real-life legal dilemma. The exercises are as authentic as possible, incorporating materials such as legal pleadings, motions, negotiations, correspondence, judicial opinions, statutes, discovery materials, and deposition excerpts. The self-assessment tools suggests ways that a practicing attorney might have approached each exercise. It is not meant to provide "the answer," but to identify issues and strategies students should have considered in order to effectively represent a client.

The companion Web Course also contains:

•   forms to assist students to complete some of the exercises
•   video files
•   links to some of the key cases
•   multiple choice quiz questions
•   supplemental materials designed to increase students' understanding of both doctrine and practice.

The text in the book will prompt readers to access the online Web Course materials when the materials are relevant to an exercise.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1.	Hope, Change and Infringement - Copyright: Fair Use.

Chapter 2. Jumping Through Hoops - Copyright Registration
Chapter 3. How Many Years Can a Mountain Exist? - Copyright: Term and Termination of Transfers
Chapter 4. My Sweet Lord - Copyright: Infringement and Independent Creation
Chapter 5. Trash, Treasure and Tacky - Copyright: Useful Items
Chapter 6. Versus - Trademark: Infringement and Likelihood of Confusion
Chapter 7. Waya Soap - Trademark Registration
Chapter 8.By Any Other Name - Trademark: Famous Name Dispute and Domain Name Rights
Chapter 9. Copyleft and Licensing - Copyright: Creative Commons, GNU and Standard Licensing
Chapter 10. CyberAlchemy - Patent/Copyright: Protecting Software Rights
Chapter 11. Where No Man Has Gone Before - Trademark: Name and Likeness Protection
Chapter 12. Legacy of the Cluefall - Copyright /Trademark: Licensing and Negotiation
Chapter 13. FlingWing - Patent: Standards and Application
Chapter 14. Building A Better Mousetrap - Patent Abuse
Chapter 15. Ersatz University - Patent/Combined IP: Protection Strategy