Federal Prison Guidebook

Programs and policies for 105 prisons, and includes educational, vocational, and apprenticeship opportunities, UNICOR, counseling and rehabilitation services, fitness and recreation facilities, religious services, telephone policy, accommodations in surrounding area, and much more.

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ISBN: 9781949517514
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ISBN: 9781949517514
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Highlights from Revision 5

This edition of Alan Ellis’ popular Federal Prison Guidebook contains valuable new practice tips and judicial recommendations on sentencing, discussion of the implications of the First Step Act of 2018 and sentencing reform, and a complete update of the prison directory. You receive these new and updated sections:

Chapter 7: Medical and Mental Health Care in the Bureau of Prisons

  • 7:20 BOP Mental Health Care: What You (and Your Clients) Need to Know
  • 7:20.1 BOP Mental Health Classification
  • 7:20.2 Designation and Level of Care Scoring

 Chapter 8: Early Release

  • 8:10 Changes to Calculation of Good Conduct Time Credits
  • 8:10.1 Compassionate Release
  • 8:10.2 What’s New?
  • 8:20 Early Release for Elderly Inmates
  • 8:20.1 Compassionate Release for Elderly Inmates
  • 8:20.2 Factors, Evaluation of Circumstances in RIS Requests
  • 8:20.3 Expanded Home Detention

Chapter 9: Federal Sentencing

  • 9:50.4 Recommendations Judge-by Judge
    • 9:50.4.8 Judges Robert L. Hinkle, Jed Rakoff, Marcia S. Krieger, and Neil V. Wake
    • 9:50.4.9 Judges Lawrence J. O’Neill and Morrison C. England, Jr.
    • 9:50.4.10 Judges Frederic Block and Charles R. Breyer
    • 9:50.4.11 Judges Robert N. Scola, Jr., Amit P. Mehta, James K. Bredar, and Paula Xinis
    • 9:50.4.12 Judges Ralph Erickson, Mark R. Hornak, and Brian Anthony Jackson

Chapter 12: International Prisoner Transfers

  • 12:10 Transfer to Home Country
  • 12:10.1 Request Packet
  • 12:10.2 Two-Fold Benefits

Chapter 13: Practice Tips

  • 13:20.1 The Presentence Report
  • 13:20.2 Law and Policy
  • 13:20.3 Sentencing Computation
  • 13:20.4 RDAP
  • 13:20.5 Ineligibility for Early Release for Completing RDAP
  • 13:20.6 Pre-Release and Re-Entry: Halfway House and Home Confinement

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Table of contents

Chapter 1: Prison Programs and Policies
Chapter 2: Securing a Favorable Federal Prison Placement
Chapter 3: Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP)
Chapter 4: How to Do Time
Chapter 5: Pre-Release
Chapter 6: Sex Offenders
Chapter 7: Medical and Mental Health Care in the Bureau of Prisons
Chapter 8: Early Release
Chapter 9: Federal Sentencing
Chapter 10: Direct Appeals
Chapter 11: Habeas Corpus: §2255 Motions
Chapter 12: International Prison Transfers
Chapter 13: Practice Tips
Chapter 14: The Mid-Atlantic Region
Chapter 15: The North Central Region
Chapter 16: The Northeast Region
Chapter 17: The South Central Region
Chapter 18: The Southeast Region
Chapter 19: The Western Region
Chapter 20: Privately Managed Facilities Housing Federal Inmates