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52nd Annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning

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Each year the most prominent authorities in the field come together at the Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning to discuss and analyze the most important developments in the areas of estate planning and estate, gift, and income taxation. Now in its fifty-second year, the Heckerling Institute is widely regarded as the premier estate planning program in the country. This one-volume publication provides cutting-edge articles based on the podium lectures delivered at the Heckerling Institute.

Hot topics for this year’s Institute include:

• Annual Review of Estate Planning Developments
• Managing Tax Basis
• Business Succession
• Trustee Discretion

Table of Contents

Ch 1: Recent Developments—2017

Ch 2: Putting It On & Taking It Off: Managing Tax Basis Today (for Tomorrow)

Ch 3: Business Succession: Abdicate? Affiliate? Alienate? Bifurcate? Syndicate? Liquidate? Vacillate? Don’t Wait. Cogitate and Participate

Ch 4: Care and Feeding of a Dynasty Trust: High Protein or Low Fat?

Ch 5: The Lloyd Leva Plaine Distinguished Lecture Series: Money in Politics: A Hydraulic or a Legal Issue?

Ch 6: Estate Planning in Anticipation of Difficult Beneficiaries

Ch 7: Buy-Sell Agreements and Related Tax Issues for the Closely Held Business

Ch 8: Beyond the Private Foundation

Ch 9: The 1846 Last Will of John Sutton – What’s Not So New in Will Drafting and Contests

Ch 10: Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, When I’m Sixty-Four?

Ch 11: Theory Meets Reality: A Practical Look at the U.S. Income Taxation of Beneficiaries of Foreign Trusts

Ch 12: Question and Answer Session

Ch 13: Stranger in a Strange Land: Dealing With Foreign and Domestic Community Property Issues in Your State

Ch 14: The New Uniform Directed Trust Act Paves the Way for Creative and Thoughtful Divided Trusteeship

Ch 15: What’s a Donor to Do? Planned Giving in a Changing Tax Landscape

Ch 16: Dishing the Dirt on Planning for Real Estate Investors

Ch 17: Doth Thou Roth?

Ch 18: Trustee Discretion: The Better Part of Valor or Vulnerability?

Ch 19: The Best, the Most Intriguing, and the Scariest Ideas Culled from the 2018 Institute and Elsewhere and How to Make Them Work for You and Your Clients