Utah Code Unannotated, Volume 4

Utah Code Unannotated, Volume 4
Publisher: LexisNexis

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2020 Edition
ISBN: 9781663303554
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2020 Edition
ISBN: 9781663303554
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Volume 4 of a 7-volume set. Titles 59 through 69 are referenced.

Table of Contents

Volume 4
Title 59 Revenue and Taxation
Title 60 Sales [Repealed]
Title 61 Securities Division — Real Estate Division
Title 62 Sports [Renumbered]
Title 62A Utah Human Services Code
Title 63 State Affairs in General [Renumbered]
Title 63A Utah Administrative Services Code
Title 63B Bonds
Title 63C State Commissions and Councils
Title 63D Information Technology Act
Title 63E Independent Entities Code
Title 63F Utah Technology Governance Act
Title 63G General Government
Title 63H Independent State Entities
Title 63I Oversight
Title 63J Budgeting
Title 63K Emergency Management [Renumbered]
Title 63L Lands
Title 63M Governor’s Programs
Title 63N Governor’s Office of Economic Development
Title 64 State Institutions
Title 65 State Lands [Repealed]
Title 65A Forestry, Fire, and State Lands
Title 66 State Loan Commissioners [Repealed]
Title 67 State Officers and Employees
Title 68 Statutes
Title 69 Telegraphic and Telephonic Transactions