Bucks County Court Rules

The Legal Intelligencer's Bucks County Court Rules is essential for any attorney practicing in Bucks County or any attorney hearing a case in Bucks County. This publication contains Civil, Criminal, Juvenile, Family, Orphans’ and District Justice Rules and provides the most up-to-date information directly from the courts, making it unique from any other publications or websites.
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2020 Edition
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​Due to the enactment of new State Orphans’ Court Rules, the current Bucks County Orphans’ Rules expired on September 1, 2016. Bucks County Orphans' Court Rules 1.2A through 13.3A and Bucks County Orphans' Court Rule 17.1A have been vacated and replaced by Bucks County Orphans' Court Rules 1.1A through 10.4A. The2016 Bucks County Court Rules contains the new local rules that become effective on September 1,2016. This book provides the court rules and forms for Bucks County. Also includes Administrative Orders. Civil Division Rules, Forms, Administrative Orders Criminal Division Rules, Administrative Orders and Forms District Justice Rules and Administrative Orders Orphans’ Court Division Rules, Administrative Orders and Forms

Table of Contents

Appeals from Certain Administrative Agencies
Business of Courts
Service of Original Process and Other Legal Papers
Pleadings and Practice
Actions at Law Civil Actions
Compulsory Arbitration
Actions In Equity
Actions In Support
Actions of Divorce or For Annulment of Marriage
Rules Relating to Domestic Relations Matters Generally
Minors as Parties
Actions For Wrongful Death
Joinder of Parties
Substitution of Parties
Enforcement of Money Judgments For the Payment of Money
Enforcement of Judgments in Special Actions Interpleader
Enforcement of Judgments—Forms
Depositions and Discovery
Administrative Orders
Bucks County Court of Common Pleas District Justice Rules and Administrative Orders
Administrative Orders
Bucks County Court of Common Pleas Criminal Division Rules and Administrative Orders
Arrest Without Warrant Filing of Complaint
Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition
Grand Jury, Indictment And Information
Pretrial Procedures
Business Of Courts
Search Warrants
Domestic Relations
Administrative Orders
Local Rules
Accounts, Objections and Distributions
Pleading And Practice
Format and Service of Legal Paper by Parties and Court; Electronic Filing
Rules Governing Specific Types of Petitions
Rules Relating to Pre-Hearing and Hearing Procedure
Auditors And Masters
Register of Wills
Incompetents' Estates
Administrative Orders