Ohio Liquor Laws and Rules Annotated

Designed specifically for Ohio liquor permit holders, law enforcement departments, and county and municipal governments.
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2019 Edition
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Ohio Liquor Laws and Rules is designed specifically for Ohio liquor permit holders, law enforcement departments, and county and municipal governments and features the key statutes and administrative regulations dealing with liquor control and permits in Ohio.

This annually-revised book includes:

•  Full annotations with case notes and research references from Page's Ohio Revised Code Annotated
•  Contact List for the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control, the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Liquor Enforcement, and the Ohio Liquor Control Commission
•  Table of Liquor Permits, including the permit name and statutory source, description of the primary activity permitted, the substance that is the subject of the permit, the type of entity addressed by the permit and the fee for the permit
•  The complete text of the key statutes affecting liquor control and permits
•  The complete text of all Ohio Administrative Code Approved Edition regulations affecting liquor control and permits
•  Comprehensive Index

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Table of Contents

Contact List
Table of Liquor Permits
Table of Sections Affected

2913 Theft and Fraud (RC § 2913.32)
2915 Gambling (RC §§ 2915.01 to 2915.061)
2923 Conspiracy, Attempt, and Complicity; Weapons Control; Corrupt Activity (RC § 2923.121)
2933 Peace Warrants; Search Warrants (RC § 2933.43)
2981 Forfeiture Law (RC §§ 2981.01 to 2981.14)
3715 Pure Food and Drug Law (RC §§ 3715.01 to 3715.041, 3715.14 to 3715.20, 3715.52 to 3715.74)
4301 Liquor Control Law
4303 Liquor Permits
4305 Tax on Bulk Sales of Beer
4307 Tax on Bottled Beverages
4313 Transfer of Enterprise Acquisition Project to Jobs Ohio
4399 Prohibitory Provisions and Crimes
4510 Driver’s License Suspension, Cancellation, Revocation (RC §§ 4510.18, 4510.33, 4510.45, 4510.46)
5502 Department of Public Safety (RC §§ 5502.01, 5502.10, 5502.13, 5502.131, 5502.14, 5502.19)

4301-1 General Provisions
4301-2 Registration of Individuals Soliciting Division or Permit Holders
4301-3 Purchases by Retail Permit Holders
4301-5 Identification and Labeling of Distilled Spirits and Mixed Beverages
4301-7 Rulemaking Procedures
4301-9 Public Notice
4301:1-1 General Provisions
4301:1-2 Accessing Confidential Personal Information
4501:4-1 Distribution of Intoxicating Liquor for Training Purposes