Lee's North Carolina Family Law

The Fifth Edition of Lee's North Carolina Family Law Analyzes the present-day ...
Publisher: Michie
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5th Edition w/ 2018 Supplement
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Publisher: Michie
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The Fifth Edition of Lee's North Carolina Family Law Analyzes the present-day reality of domestic life, this definitive work gives you comprehensive coverage of the substantive law involved in family relationships in hundreds of circumstances. Contents include:

  • In-depth discussions of the marriage relationship from engagement to dissolution
  • Every aspect of the parent-child relationship
  • Complete coverage of all North Carolina case and statutory law, as well as other relevant material
  • Expert analysis of issues involving contracts, torts, evidence, constitutional law, and property in a broad survey of the law controlling family relationships
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    Table of Contents

    Volume 1
    Chapter 1 - Acts Prior to Marriage
    Chapter 2 - Entering Marriage
    Chapter 3 - Attacks on Marriage and the Suit to Annul
    Chapter 4 - Nonmarital Living Arrangements
    Chapter 5 - Spousal Rights and Obligations During the Marriage
    Chapter 6 - Divorce from Bed and Board

    Volume 2
    Chapter 7 - Absolute Divorce
    Chapter 8 - Postseparation Support
    Chapter 9 - Alimony
    Chapter 10 - Child Support: The Award
    Chapter 11 - Enforcement of Postseparation Support, Alimony, and Child Support

    Volume 3
    Chapter 12 - Division of Property Upon Divorce: Equitable Distribution
    Chapter 13 - Child Custody
    Chapter 14 - Separation Agreements, Agreement-Based Decrees, and Other Family Contracts
    Chapter 15 - Incidents of Parent and Child Relationship
    Chapter 16 - Unmarried Parents and Their Children
    Chapter 17 - Parenthood Through Adoption and Assisted Conception
    Chapter 18 - Procreational Liberties; Abortion; Sterilization