Consolidated Laws of New York, Volume 4

Convenient unannotated edition of New York Consolidated Laws.
Publisher: Michie
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2018 Edition
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ISBN: 9781522157311
Publisher: Michie
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Volume 4 of the nine-volume, unannotated set of the complete Consolidated Laws of New York, published annually. The nine volumes, which are approximately 1,500 pages each, are arranged according to subject matter and feature an index at the end of each category of law. Each volume can be ordered separately. For a listing of each volume's contents, see the link to the Table of Contents. The nine volume set and each separate volume are also available in loose-leaf format and in convenient eBook formats for your mobile device.

Table of Contents


Agriculture and Markets Law

Canal Law

Elder Law

Executive Law

Mental Hygiene Law

Navigation Law

Public Health Law

Railroad Law

Transportation Law