Mealey's Data Privacy Law Report

This monthly newsletter covers issues such as liability for data breaches, data sharing, computer fraud, e-discovery, identity theft and more.
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Mealey's Data Privacy Law Report follows the latest litigation in federal and state courts involving online privacy and data protection. The report also covers federal and state regulatory and legislative developments, as well as rulings by administrative agencies tasked with enforcing laws that impact data privacy.

It covers issues that include liability for data breaches, data sharing, computer fraud, workplace email monitoring, e-discovery, telematics and geolocational privacy, as well as identity theft. Also reported are issues arising under laws such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, the Electronic Communications Act and the Video Privacy Protection Act.

The Report features unbiased news stories, case summaries, attorney listings and the full text of court and agency documents and regulations. Subscribers also receive expert commentary articles. Subscribers enjoy comprehensive state and federal trial and appellate courts coverage from start to finish, including pleadings, opinions, settlements and more. Published monthly.

This valuable insight into current news and litigation trends helps subscribers to advise clients, prepare for trial, draft pleadings and briefs, connect with key players in the litigation, gauge the temperament of the judiciary and build compelling cases. Subscribe today!