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ISBN: 9780820525280
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The Most Comprehensive Treatise Compiled By A Multitude of Banking Experts From Across The Country.

Easily Maintain Compliance With All Regulatory Agencies.

This exhaustive treatise brings together the essential information you need on the regulation, organization, operation, examination and liquidation of commercial banks. You'll always have detailed analysis of the statutory law, studies of relevant case law and strategies for applying them to your best advantage right at your fingertips.

Get the Reliable Answers You Need From One Source.

Banking Law gives unified coverage of: the National Bank System and Comptroller of the Currency; the FDIC and the Federal Reserve System; branching and mergers; bank holding companies/financial holding companies; bank taxation; checks, drafts, notes and the bank collection process; consumer credit law; and international banking.

Expedite Your Research and Supplemental Information Gathering.

Each chapter begins with a summary enabling you to quickly peruse chapter contents and zero in on desired analysis. Not only are relevant statutes, regulations and cases cited throughout the publication, but the texts of the laws themselves appear in new primary source volumes. Chapters conclude with a bibliography of sources for further research.