Insurance Coverage for Environmental Claims

To help you effectively represent your client, this comprehensive, two-volume treatise will walk you through the complexities of environmental insurance coverage

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Who Should Pay the Costs of Environmental Cleanup?

Whether you represent the insurer or the insured, the potential costs can run into the millions if your client is found liable. To help you effectively represent your client, this comprehensive, two-volume treatise will walk you through the complexities of environmental insurance coverage. This treatise will provide you with clear and concise analysis of:

•   federal statutes, such as CERCLA, RCRA, NEPA, TSCA, EPCRA, OPCA, the Refuse Act, CWA, CAA, and the state analogs;
•   the particular insurance policies at issue;
•   reinssurance;
•   case preparation and discovery;
•   jurisdiction, venue and choice of law
•   scientific and technical considerations--environmental assessment and remediation techniques; and
•   the implications of climate change for the insurance industry.

Cutting Client Costs--Consider Alternatives to Litigation

Expensive litigation, uncertainty of results, publicity, and lengthy time delays are making alternative dispute resolution (ADR) an increasingly welcomed vehicle for resolving both domestic and international insurance disputes. Mitchell Lathrop provides extensive coverage of the non-litigation avenues available to insurers and insureds alike.

Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Insurance Topics

With cutting edge coverage of the hottest insurance issues and tools, insightful analysis and straightforward explanations of policy language, you can determine where you and your client stand today and how to improve your client's position tomorrow.

Partner-up with an Environmental Insurance Expert.

First published in 1992.

2 Volumes with annual updates.

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Table of contents


Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Environmental Statutes and Regulations

Chapter 3 General Liability Insurance

Chapter 4 Property Insurance

Chapter 5 Pollution Coverage and Other Types of Insurance

Chapter 6 Trigger of Coverage

Chapter 7 Excess Insurance


Chapter 8 Duties and Obligations of Insured and Insurer

Chapter 9 Tobacco

Chapter 10 Reinsurance

Chapter 11 Lead

Chapter 12 Mold

Chapter 13 Asbestos

Chapter 14 Terrorism

Chapter 15 [Reserved]

Chapter 16 Diseases Related to Environmental Contamination

Chapter 17 Additional Common Contaminants

Chapter 18 Climate Change and Insurance

Chapter 19 Natural Disasters

Chapter 20 Genetically Modified Organisms

Chapter 21-23 [Reserved]

Chapter 24 Bad Faith and Punitive Damages

Chapter 25 Case Preparation and Discovery

Chapter 26 Jurisdiction, Venue and Choice of Law

Chapter 27 Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 28-34 [Reserved]

Chapter 35 Scientific and Technical Considerations: Environmental Assessment and Remediation Techniques

Table of Cases