Immigration Law Library CD

An exhaustive library of legal references for the immigration practitioner.
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Immigration Law Library CD is a complete resource for immigration practitioners, combining in-depth analysis, practice aids, important administrative decisions, and vital primary source materials. The CD contains the premiere treatise Immigration Law and Procedure, the 20-volume “Bible of Immigration Law”. Also included on the CD is the Immigration Practice Expeditor which provides step-by-step guidance on tasks frequently encountered in immigration law.

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Table of contents

Immigration Law Library CD contains the following:

Immigration Law and Procedure by Stanley Mailman & Stephen Yale-Loehr

    • Analytical Treatise (eight volumes in print)

    • Appendices of Official Forms and Exhibits

    • Primary source materials (twelve volumes in print):

      • Presidential Documents

      • UN Documents/Treaties

      • Federal Register

      • Selected Statutes

      • BALCA Deskbook with Supplement

      • Agency Manuals

(including CBP Inspector's Field Manual, Adjudicator's Field Manual, Law of Arrest, Search, and Seizure for Immigration Officers, Government Documents, Immigration Court Practice Manual, EOIR/OCIJ Uniform Docketing System Manual, Affirmative Asylum Procedures Manual, Detention Operations Manual)

      • Legacy INS Interpretations

      • Operations Instructions

      • Examinations Handbook

      • Foreign Affairs Manual - Visas, Documents, Citizenship & Nationality.

• Bender's Immigration Bulletin

• Bender's Immigration and Nationality Act Service

• Bender's Immigration Regulations Service

• Immigration Law Practice Expediter

• Immigration (BIA, AAO, etc.) Precedent Decisions

• BIA Index Decisions

• BIA & AAU Non-Precedent Decisions

• AAO Non-precedent Decisions

• Country Reports on Human Rights (Department of State)

• INS Asylum Training Materials

• BIA Practice Manual

• Immigration Judge Benchbook

• CIS Guide to Naturalization

• Manual on Immigration of Adopted Children

• INS and DOJ legal opinions

• Federal Habeas Corpus Practice and Procedure