How Insurance Companies Settle Cases

A behind-closed-doors look at how insurance cases are valued, what the adjuster needs to settle your case, and how to keep your case moving. Scope runs from estimating bodily injury damages and investigating coverage to claims denials and action letter outlines.
Publisher: James Publishing

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How Insurance Companies Settle Cases

Speed up the processing of your claims and reduce your frustration with insurance companies with How Insurance Companies Settle Cases. Knowing how insurance companies operate can help you obtain fair settlements faster. By learning what counts with the home office and what doesn't, you can present your case in its best light with minimum wasted effort, and make both you and your case stand out.

This book gives you insider information that reveals how insurance companies evaluate and negotiate claims. Find answers to these questions:

•   How do insurance companies value cases?
•   What do adjusters need to settle a case?
•   Who makes the real decisions on insurance cases?
•   How do insurance companies value pre-existing injuries?
•   How do I prove my client really suffers from a soft tissue injury?
•   What is the structure of most claims departments?
•   How do I learn policy limits and get a copy of the insurance policy?

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Table of Contents

Introduction to the Claims Game
The Fundamentals
Creating the Claims File
Investigating Coverage
The Factual Investigation
Using Insurance Consultants and Experts
Settlement Negotiations and Compromises
Techniques Not Found in Claims Manuals
Claims Denials
Action Letter Outlines
Releases and Covenants
How to Estimate Bodily Injury Settlements
Underinsured Motorist Coverage
How to Take a Claims Representative's Deposition
Bad Faith—Bad News
Settling the $5,000 to $75,000 Bodily Injury Claim
Uninsured Motorist Claims
The Claims Department and the Claims Manual