Employment Evidence

Admit and exclude with these strategies, forms, and cases—past sexual conduct, after-acquired evidence, discriminatory remarks, missing documents, medical and psychological history, employee disciplinary records, and more.
Publisher: James Publishing

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Employment Evidence

This strategic guide to admission and exclusion gives you foundations, objections, responses, tactics, jury instructions, motions in limine, and supporting authority for all your evidence battles in employment cases.

You'll get everything you need to win your battles over EEOC letters, unemployment records, arbitration decisions, past sexual conduct, after-acquired evidence, prior acts of disparate treatment, corrective action policies, disciplinary records, personnel files, defendant's net worth, plaintiffs' medical and psychological history and exams, undue hardship, BFOQs, and much more.

Anticipate and circumvent problems in admitting your evidence and exclude/limit what the opposition throws at you. Designed for quick reference with centerfold index, tabbed dividers, shaded tips, boxed objections, argument checklists, tactics by part, and over 750 cases divided by admitting/excluding. In-depth treatment of rules, definitions and distinctions. Nearly every topic supported with multiple forms.

This in-depth, easy-to-use, practical book will be indispensable in your employment cases.

Table of Contents

Summary Judgment
Administrative Decisions and Materials
Plaintiff's Prior Acts
Defendant's Prior Acts
Statistical Evidence
Defendant's Documents
Testimonial Evidence
Financial Evidence
Plaintiff's Medical and Psychological Evidence
Expert Evidence
Employer Responses
Demonstrative Evidence
Electronic Evidence
Attorney's Fees and Costs
Punitive Damages