Electronic Banking Compliance

Electronic Banking Compliance is for the compliance officer, internal auditor, or other banking personnel responsible for monitoring, reviewing, and satisfying the requirements of federal laws, regulations, and bankcard association and clearinghouse rules associated with electronic payments.
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There are many existing regulations and other rules governing electronic payment systems with which financial institutions must comply. Undoubtedly there will be regulatory changes and additional guidance as more institutions and their customers adopt the new products and services offered to them by new electronic applications.

Besides ensuring compliance with specific laws and regulations pertinent to retail payment systems, financial institutions should ensure compliance with general consumer protection rules that distribute the responsibility and minimum procedural measures that must be fulfilled before shifting the responsibility to another party.

The regulators require financial institutions to comply with their statutory or regulatory obligations. They remind institutions that they must also comply with the bylaws and contractual agreements established with the bankcard associations, clearinghouses and other parties that participate in the processing, clearing, and settling of retail payment transactions. Most significantly, financial institutions and third-party service providers must comply with the appropriate bylaws and agreements of bankcard associations and clearinghouses or they risk being fined or losing their memberships.

Electronic Banking Compliance focuses on the regulations and other rules governing electronic payment systems with which financial institutions must comply. This comprehensive guide is designed to be your one reference source to current and additional guidance, as more institutions and their customers adopt the new products and services offered to them by the latest technologies.It covers the six discrete electronic services, processes or products to which the rules and regulations apply, including:

•  Internet Banking — Electronic Transactions, InformationPrivacy and Security, Loans and Deposits
•  ACH (Automated Clearing House Transactions)
•  Check 21 Act and Regulation CC
•  Remote Capture
•  Wire Transfers
•  Credit Cards

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Table of Contents

Summary Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Electronic Signatures and Disclosures — the “E-Sign Act ” and Related Regulations

Chapter 1A Data Security and the Internet

Chapter 2 Internet-Initiated ACH Transactions

Chapter 2A Electronic Recordkeeping

Chapter 2B Providing Electronic Disclosures

Chapter 2C E-Banking Requirements

Chapter 2D Regulation II — Debit Card Interchange Fees and Routing

Chapter 3 GLBA Privacy Rule

Chapter 4 Verifying Customer Identity: Identity Theft and Authentication

Chapter 5 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and Section 501(b): Information Security Policies and Procedures

Chapter 6 Regulation B: Loan Applications, Prequalifications, and Processing

Chapter 7 Regulation C and Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Reporting

Chapter 8 Regulation Z and the Truth in Lending Act

Chapter 9 Residential Real Estate Lending Regulations

Chapter 10 Regulation DD and the Truth in Savings Act

Chapter 11 Regulation X and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act

Chapter 12 Fair Credit Reporting Act

Chapter 12A Consumer Credit Extended to Servicemembers and Dependents

Chapter 13 Flood Insurance

Chapter 14 Regulation CC and Funds Availability

Chapter 15 Deposit Insurance and Interest on Deposits

Chapter 16 Reg II: Debit Card Interchange Fees and Routing

Chapter 17 Regulation D and Reserve Requirements

Chapter 17A Garnishment of Accounts Containing Federal Benefit Payments

Chapter 18 Outsourcing Technology Services

Chapter 19 Software Compliance

Chapter 20 Rules on Retail Sales of Non-Deposit Investment and Insurance Products

Chapter 20A Accessibility of Web Status to the Disabled

Chapter 20B Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Chapter 21 ACH Regulatory Compliance

Chapter 22 Check 21 and Regulation CC

Chapter 23 Regulations Governing Remote Capture

Chapter 23A Remote Capture

Chapter 24 The Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) — Regulation E

Chapter 25 Credit Card Regulations and Rules