Credit Managers' Risk Mitigation

Credit Managers' Risk Mitigation was designed to help you protect your bank from the adverse impact of downward economic cycles, while preserving profits earned during upward cycles.

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Small financial institutions must assess credit risks carefully to make informed underwriting decisions to avoid financial losses. If your examiner detects compliance weaknesses or failures, it has a broad range of corrective tools - from informal comments to formal enforcement action; so, your institution has strong incentives to stay in compliance.

Credit Managers' Risk Mitigation includes the following key sections:

• Managing Credit Risk
• Credit Risk Management Techniques
• Managing Consumer Credits
• Managing Commercial Credits

From credit planning to appraisals to documentation, this manual guides you through the credit process with clear guidelines you can use for your operation. The principles, practices, and techniques discussed in this manual are based on tried-and-true methods institutions have used in modern times to protect against losses while meeting regulatory and accounting requirements. Helpful tools, such as sample documents and checklists are included.

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Chapters 3.1A, 7.22, 10.1 and 10.2 reprint material that appears in Internal Audit Procedures Handbook and IT Auditing for Financial Institutions.

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This publication includes editable Word files for the following documents:

No.                       Title
CK-I.2.1               Credit Management Controls
CK-I.2.10             Physical Safeguards over Loan Collateral
CK-I.2.11             Loan Accounting Controls
CK-I.2.12             Compliance with Regulation O and Regulation B
CK-I.2.2               Domestic Credit Administration
CK-I.2.3               Overseas Credit Administration Checklist
CK-I.2.4               Loan Policy Control Checklist
CK-I.2.5               Loan Review Controls Checklist
CK-I.2.6               Controls over Past Due and Charge-Off Loans
CK-I.2.7               Other Real Estate Owned (OREO) Controls
CK-I.2.8               Foreclosed Property Controls
CK-I.2.9               ALLL Controls
Ex-I.4.4                Evaluation of Real Estate Value
CK-I.4.1               Appraisal and Evaluation Function Independence
Ex-I.4.1                2008 Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines Glossary of Terms
CK-I.4.2               Scope of Work and Development of Assignment Results
Ex-I.4.2                Home Valuation Code of Conduct
CK-I.4.3               Appraisal Report Definitions: Self-Contained Appraisal Report
Ex-I.4.3                Appraisal Exemptions
CK-I.4.4               Sample Evaluation Procedures
CK-I.4.5               Compliance
CK-I.4.6               Portfolio Monitoring and Analytical Procedures
CK-I.5.1               CRE Risk Management Checklist
EX-I.6.1               Sample ALLL Policies and Procedures
Ex-I.8.1                Sample Other Real Estate (ORE) Policy and Procedures
Ex-III.3.1              Loan Collection Letters
Ex-III.3.2              Debt Collection Risk Assessment Checklist
Ex-II.1.1               Risk Assessment Program for Investor-Owned, 1- to 4-Family Residential Properties
Ex-II.8.1               Human Resources Strategic Planning Checklist
Ex-II.8.2               Checklist for the Review of Director Duties and Responsibilities
Ex-II.8.3               Checklists of Internal Control Considerations for Derivatives Activities
Ex-II.8.4               Outside Vendor Internal and External Risk Review Checklists
Ex-II.8.6               Credit Management Controls
Ex-II.8.8               Sample Compliance Risk-Assessment Matrix
Ex-II.8.9               UDAAP Risk Assessment Program
Ex-II.9.1               Information Technology Audit Checklist
Ex-II.9.10             Pre-Audit Self-Assessment Questionnaire
Ex-II.9.11             Sample Charter for an Audit Committee Authority
Ex-II.9.12             Questions to Be Considered in Evaluating an Internal Control Structure within a Financial Institution
Ex-II.9.13             Checklist for Internal Controls
Ex-II.9.2               Sample Audit Committee Charter
Ex-II.9.3               Sample Internal Audit Charter
Ex-II.9.4               Risk Management Action Plan Worksheet
Ex-II.9.5               Outsourcing Responsibilities Checklist
Ex-II.9.6               Sample Audit-Planning Questionnaire
Ex-II.9.7               Sample Memos
Ex-II.9.8               Sample Audit Plan Template
Ex-II.9.9               Time Report Worksheet
Ex-IV.1.1              Sample Credit Memo Format
Ex-IV.1.2              Credit Inquiry Documentation Form
Ex-IV.1.3              Sample Credit Inquiry Letter

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Enterprise-Wide Credit Risk Management

Chapter I.1: Credit Planning Through Market Risk Management

Chapter I.2: Credit Risk Underwriting Practices

Chapter I.3: Managing Loan Origination Risks

Chapter I.4: Establishing an Appraisal and Evaluation Management Program

Chapter I.5: Conducting a Loan Quality Review

Chapter I.6: ALLL Management Practices

Chapter I.6A: Methods for Evaluating Environmental and Qualitative Factors

Chapter I.7: Identifying Loans Qualifying for Troubled Debt Restructuring Accounting

Chapter I.8: Managing OREO Loans

Chapter I.9: Risk Assessment of Sound Practices for Model Risk Management

Credit Risk Management Techniques

Chapter II.1: Originating and Underwriting Credits Based on Real Estate Collateral

Chapter II.2: Identifying and Controlling Commercial Real Estate Concentrations

Chapter II.3: Managing Interest Reserves

Chapter II.4: Managing Mortgage Servicing Risks

Chapter II.5: Identifying and Preventing Mortgage Fraud

Chapter II.6: Auditing the Real Estate Lending Function

Chapter II.7: Managing Credit Risk for Investor-Owned 1- to 4-Family Residential Properties

Managing Consumer Credits

Chapter III.1: Originating and Underwriting Consumer Credits

Chapter III.2: Closing, Documenting, and Processing Consumer Credits

Chapter III.3: Consumer Credit Management and Collection Procedures

Chapter III.4: Conducting a Retail Lending Risk Assessment

Managing Commercial Credits

Chapter IV.1: Originating and Underwriting Commercial Credits

Chapter IV.2: Originating and Underwriting Loans for Acquisition, Development, and Construction Projects

Chapter IV.3: Closing, Documenting, and Processing Commercial Credits

Chapter IV.4: Commercial Credit Management and Collection Procedures