Corporate Technology Planning and Management

Designed to help companies develop a plan for evaluating current technology needs and incorporating technology goals into the planning process.

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Technology Planning and Management is a must-have resource for senior management, business leaders, and IT management. It can be used by both larger and smaller businesses in developing and implementing technology strategies.

The manual presents practical, step-by-step guidance and a roadmap that provide organizations the structure they need to successfully complete the technology planning process. In addition, the manual provides sample plans, forms, charts, risk assessment worksheets, and an array of technical and user policies and procedures.

The methodology and the tools provided allow users to:

•  Anticipate and minimize potential difficulties of the planning process
•  Easily modify the plan to meet the unique needs of their organization
•  Develop and rollout a plan using a process that is both cost-effective and time-efficient

This manual is organized into six sections that correlate with various stages of technology planning. Certain businesses may decide to reduce their planning scope and the related level of effort based on their resources and needs. In that case, this manual can be especially useful in understanding the most important aspects of technology planning. For example, it may not be necessary to appoint a technology planning team or to use every form in this manual for small projects, such as routine hardware upgrades. Nor is it necessary to perform a formal systems selection for smaller application software modules. However, the forms and guidance contained in the manual can be used to accomplish informal projects more efficiently and provide the appropriate project documentation.

The eBook versions of this title feature links to Lexis Advance for further research options.

The content of this publication is published for the public sector in Sheshunoff's State and Local Government Series: Technology Planning and Management.

Subscribers will receive a downloadable file containing editable forms

Authors / Contributors

Table of Contents

Part 1 Technology Planning Overview

Chapter 1 The Technology Planning Process and Its Benefits

Chapter 2 Laws, Standards, and Frameworks

Chapter 3 Business Technology Trends

Part 2 Technology Planning Process

Chapter 4 Organizing and Structuring the Project

Chapter 5 Assessing Current Status and Goals

Chapter 6 Identifying the Technology Requirements

Chapter 7 Developing the Technology Plan

Chapter 8 Analyzing Business Process Improvement Opportunities

Part 3 Technology and Systems Selection Methodology

Chapter 9 Analyzing Sourcing Options

Chapter 10 Performing a Systems / Vendor Selection

Chapter 11 Implementing the Selected System

Part 4 IT Governance and Management

Chapter 12 IT Management and Organizational Best Practices

Chapter 13 Mobile Device Management

Chapter 14 Backup and Offsite Storage

Chapter 15 Business Continuity Planning and Management

Chapter 16 Systems Development Life Cycle

Chapter 17 Network Technology

Part 5 IT Security Management

Chapter 18 Security Planning

Chapter 19 Computer Security Logs and Audit Trails

Chapter 20 Password Management

Chapter 21 Malware Threats and Mitigation Strategies

Chapter 22 Firewalls and IDPS Systems

Chapter 23 Application Security

Part 6 Compliance Management

Chapter 24 IT Audit Function

Chapter 25 IT Audit Frameworks

Part 7 Glossary of Technology Terms

Part 8 Index