Competition Law of the European Community

Complete analysis of the competition policy of the EU.
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2nd Edition
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Competition Law of the European Union, Second Edition provides a comprehensive analysis of the competition policy of the European Union, along with the latest case law and relevant primary source material. Topics include a thorough analysis of the founding treaty, organization, law and regulations of the European Union, as well as examination of decisions and agreements affecting commerce and economic activity in such areas as pricing and distribution practices, mergers, joint ventures, monopolies, licensing, intellectual property rights and enforcement and remedies. The maze of special rules that apply to specific sectors like energy, postal services, telecommunications, new media and surface transport are covered as well. The treatise also sets forth the text of the establishing treaty, and significant regulations, announcements, and protocols.

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Table of Contents


Chapter A
Competition Law in the European Union After Lisbon

Chapter 1 Introduction


Chapter 2
Analysis of Article 81(1)

Chapter 3 Abuse of a Dominant Position

Chapter 4 State Aids

Chapter 4A The Control of State Action

Chapter 5 The Control of Concentrations Between Undertakings

Chapter 6 Joint Ventures and Cooperation Between Undertakings

Chapter 7 Cartels and Horizontal Collusive Conduct

Chapter 8 Distribution

Chapter 9 Intellectual Property Rights and the EC Competition Rules

Chapter 10 The Procedure Before the Commission


Chapter 11
The Procedure in the European Competition Network

Chapter 12 The Application of EU Competition Law by National Courts

Chapter 13 Extraterritorial Aspects of EU Competition Law

Chapter 14 Treatment of Competition Cases Following Expiry of European
Coal and Steel Community Treaty

Chapter 15 Agriculture

Chapter 16 Energy

Chapter 17 Surface Transport

Chapter 18 Financial Services

Chapter 19 Telecommunications

Chapter 20 New Media

Chapter 21 Postal Services