AHLA The Stark Law: Comprehensive Analysis and Practical Guide (Non-Members)

The Stark Law: Comprehensive Analysis + Practical Guide provides practical guidance for advising clients on complying with the Stark regulations.
Publisher: AHLA
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6th Edition
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ISBN: 9781522170341
Publisher: AHLA
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More than a summary of the law, this new edition of an essential monograph offers in-depth critical analysis of this risky, complex area, as well as a wealth of practice pointers and advice for advising clients.  Written by leading experts in the interpretation and application of Stark Law, the latest edition of The Stark Law: Comprehensive Analysis + Practical Guide offers up to date information on the following topics:

  • The definition of entity
  • Split/shared evaluation and management services
  • Timeshare agreements
  • Valuing goodwill in physician practice acquisitions
  • Joint marketing
  • Fair market value assessments
  • "Stand in The Shoes" when contracting with a group
  • When A collection of documents can constitute a written agreement
  • Developments on the signature Requirement
  • Revisiting fair market value over the course of a term
  • Liability under The False Claims Act with respect to Medicaid
  • Bankruptcy trustees and Stark Law
  • Updates to the self-referral disclosure protocol

Published December, 2018.

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Table of Contents

 1  Introduction and Background

2  Key Themes in the Stark Law and Regulations

3  Key Definitions and Interpretations

4  Remaining Problem Areas

5  Analysis of Group Practices

6  Permissible Joint Ventures and ACOs

7  Addressing Potential Violations

8  Proposed Solutions to "Intractable" Stark Problems

9  Preventing Violations/Practical Tips

10  The Future of the Stark Law

Appendix A: Chronological Guide to Stark Rulemaking

Appendix B: Stark Rules Indexed by Topic

Appendix C: Prohibitions on Self-Referral by State