Midwest Transaction Guide for Commercial Transactions

Midwest Transaction Guide for Commercial Transactions is a time-saver and a money-saver: it includes a broad array of easy-to-use forms that will help the general practitioner focus on commercial transactions of all types, from acquisitions and dispositions to contract formation to business financing.
Publisher: Matthew Bender
Print Book :3 volumes, loose-leaf, updated annually
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ISBN: 9781522133469
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Midwest Transaction Guide for Commercial Transactions is a complete guide to commercial law covering current business practices, procedures and forms in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. This guide summarizes state and federal law, relevant statutes, regulations and secondary legal sources, and explores a vast number of topics, including buying and selling a business, mergers and consolidations, acquisitions, financing, intellectual property, as well as the numerous types of contracts related to commercial transactions: employment contracts, creditors’ agreements, professional service contracts, and more.

Material in this publication is also published in Midwest Transaction Guide.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1, Buying and Selling a Business

Chapter 2, Mergers and Consolidations

Chapter 3, Corporate Acquisitions

Chapter 4, Trademarks and Trade Names

Chapter 5, Copyrights

Chapter 6, Patents

Chapter 7, Formation of Contracts and Standard Contractual Provisions

Chapter 8, Assignment of Obligations

Chapter 9, Modification, Novation, and Release

Chapter 10, Rescission and Cancellation

Chapter 11, Sale of Goods

Chapter 12, Marketing and Distribution Contracts

Chapter 13, Franchise Agreements

Chapter 14, Franchise Registration

Chapter 15, Agricultural Contracts

Chapter 16, Creditors' Agreements

Chapter 17, Storage and Shipment

Chapter 18, Employment Contracts

Chapter 19, Professional Services Contracts

Chapter 20, Business Service Contracts

Chapter 21, Venture Capital Financing

Chapter 22, Small Business Administration Financing

Chapter 23, Commercial Paper

Chapter 24, Commercial Loans

Chapter 25, Secured Transactions

Chapter 26, Accounts Receivable Financing

Chapter 27, Equipment Leasing and Financing

Chapter 28, Credit Cards

Chapter 29, Consumer Protection

Chapter 30, Installment Sales and Loans

Chapter 31, Personal Property Bailments

Chapter 32, Personal Property Liens