Massachusetts Legal Practice Library Volume 4: Massachusetts Tort Damages

Ideal for use in the courtroom or as a handy desk reference, the Second Edition ...
Publisher: Michie
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2nd Edition
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ISBN: 9781579118501
Publisher: Michie
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Ideal for use in the courtroom or as a handy desk reference, the Second Edition gives you the case law and other resources you need to build a winning case. This practical, easy-to-use guide offers valuable advice on how to evaluate damage claims, handle discovery requests, formulate jury instructions, select expert witnesses, and much more. Also includes a thorough analysis of the grounds for and scope of recovery and proof of damages.

Volume 4 in the Massachusetts Legal Practice Library.

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Table of Contents

Ch 1 - Introduction

Ch 2 - Case Evaluation

Ch 3 - Bodily Injury

Ch 4 - Wrongful Death Actions and Survival Actions

Ch 5 - Wrongful Life, Birth and Adoption

Ch 6 - Mental and Emotional Distress

Ch 7 - Professional Malpractice Actions

Ch 8 - Harm to Property

Ch 9 - Intentional Torts

Ch 10 - Injunctive and Declaratory Relief

Ch 11 - Loss of Consortium

Ch 12 - Consumer Protection Act

Ch 13 - Restrictions on Recovery

Ch 14 - Pleadings, Records and Forms

Ch 15 - Costs, Interest and Attorneys' Fees

Ch 16 - Contribution and Indemnity

Ch 17 - Taxation of Damage Awards

Ch 18 - Expert Testimony