Florida Creditors' Rights Manual

Complete guide to debt collection remedies with special emphasis on pleading and procedural requirements.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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ISBN: 9780409260939
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Placing heavy emphasis on pleading and procedural requirements, Florida Creditors' Rights Manual will help you pursue the best debt collection remedies for your client. It discusses comprehensively the constitutional ramifications of taking a debtor's property. Subjects covered include attachment, garnishment, replevin, self-help, execution, fraudulent transfers, voidable preferences, receivers and receivership, forced sale of debtor's property, property exempt from creditor's reach, state remedies, bankruptcy and state exemptions, and state and federal constitutional implications of creditors' takings actions. It also contains a full set of pleading and practice forms, as well as a comprehensive subject matter index and tables of cases and statutes to further simplify your research.

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Table of contents

Volume 1
Chapter 1 Attachment
Chapter 2 Garnishment
Chapter 3 Replevin
Chapter 4 Self-Help Repossession

Volume 2
Chapter 5 Execution
Chapter 6 Fraudulent Transfers
Chapter 7 Receivers
Chapter 8 Other Relief

Volume 3
Chapter 9 Forced Sale of the Debtor's Property
Chapter 10 Property Subject to Creditor's Process
Chapter 11 Property Exempt from Creditor's Process
Chapter 12 Creditor's Claims in Probate

Volume 4
Chapter 13.1 State Remedies and Bankruptcy
Chapter 13.2 Stays
Chapter 13.3 Fraudulent Transfers and Voidable Preferences
Chapter 13.4 Asserting State Exemptions in Bankruptcy

Volume 5
Chapter 14 Pleading and Practice Forms

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes