Carlson on Georgia Evidence

LexisNexis® is pleased to collaborate with Ronald and Michael Carlson to publish 2 evidence titles targeted to Georgia attorneys and judges. The Carlsons have decades of experience in Georgia law and have earned numerous awards for their achievements. The Georgia Supreme Court referenced the authors when it adverted to “leading commentators on the new [Georgia] evidence code.”

Carlson on Evidence: Comparing Georgia and Federal Rules

An authoritative rule-by-rule examination of Georgia’s evidence code as cited by the Georgia Supreme Court.

Topical coverage includes:

  • Relevant evidence
  • Privileges
  • Witnesses
  • Expert testimony
  • Hearsay Authentication

Carlsons' Guide to Evidence Authentication: Essential Foundations for Georgia Advocates

This book provides critical information for resolving evidence disputes in Georgia's trial and appellate courts and is designed to go to court. The smaller counterpart to Carlson on Evidence features alphabetical organization, structure by key evidence terms, sample evidentiary foundations, and “Q&A’s”- for a host of evidence. It focuses on succinct analysis of crucial evidence concepts in “new” Georgia and Eleventh Circuit authority.

About the Authors