Parker's California Business & Professions Code

Contains the California code and regulations you use most in your business practice.
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2020 Edition
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Publisher: Michie
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This edition of Parker's California Business & Professions Code is from our Parker's California Code Business Series and is a convenient desktop reference containing the California code and regulations you use most in your business practice. This single volume contains the complete primary law plus annotations and other features to help you find what you need quickly and expand your research.

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Table of Contents



Chapter 1 The Department

Chapter 1.5 Unlicensed Activity Enforcement

Chapter 2 The Director of Consumer Affairs

Chapter 3 Funds of the Department

Chapter 4 Consumer Affairs

Chapter 5 Buildings of the Department

Chapter 6 Public Members

Chapter 7 Licensee

Chapter 8 Dispute Resolution Programs

Chapter 9 Certification of Third-Party Dispute Resolution Processes for New Motor Vehicles


Chapter 1 Review of Boards under the Department of Consumer Affairs

Chapter 2 Review of Other State Boards


Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Denial of Licenses

Chapter 3 Suspension and Revocation of Licenses

Chapter 4 Public Reprovals

Chapter 5 Examination Security


Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 1.5 Exemption from Licensure

Chapter 1.6 Health Care Professional Disaster Response Act

Chapter 2 Chiropractors

Chapter 3 Clinical Laboratory Technology

Chapter 4 Dentistry

Chapter 5 Medicine

Chapter 5.1 Research Psychoanalysts

Chapter 5.3 Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

Chapter 5.4 Prescription Lenses

Chapter 5.45 Nonresident Contact Lens Sellers

Chapter 5.5 Registered Dispensing Opticians

Chapter 5.6 Occupational Therapy

Chapter 5.65 Dietitians

Chapter 5.67 Perfusionists

Chapter 5.7 Physical Therapy

Chapter 6 Nursing

Chapter 6.5 Vocational Nursing

Chapter 6.6 Psychologists

Chapter 7 Optometry

Chapter 7.5 Hearing Aid Dispensers [Repealed]

Chapter 7.7 Physician Assistants

Chapter 7.8 Polysomnographic Technologists

Chapter 8 Osteopathic Medicine

Chapter 8.2 (Repealed January 1, 2018) Naturopathic Doctors Act

Chapter 8.3 Respiratory Therapy

Chapter 8.5 Nursing Home Administrator's License Law [Repealed]

Chapter 9 Pharmacy

Chapter 9.5 Audits of Pharmacy Benefits

Chapter 10 Psychiatric Technicians

Chapter 10.5 (Repealed January 1, 2017) Massage Therapists

Chapter 11 Veterinary Medicine

Chapter 12 Acupuncture

Chapter 13 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

Chapter 13.5 Licensed Educational Psychologists

Chapter 13.7 Board of Behavioral Sciences

Chapter 14 Social Workers

Chapter 15 Telephone Medical Advice Services

Chapter 16 Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors


Chapter 1 Accountants

Chapter 2 Advertisers

Chapter 2.5 On-Premises Advertising Displays

Chapter 2.6 Ordinances Governing On-Premise Advertising Displays

Chapter 2.7 Advertising for Workers' Compensation Legal Services

Chapter 3 Architecture

Chapter 3.5 Landscape Architecture

Chapter 3.7 Auctioneers and Auctions [Repealed]

Chapter 3.9 (Repealed January 1, 2018) Interior Designers

Chapter 4 Attorneys

Chapter 5 Law Libraries

Chapter 5.5 (Repealed January 1, 2021) Legal Document Assistants and Unlawful
Detainer Assistants

Chapter 5.6 Paralegals

Chapter 6 Professional Fiduciaries

Chapter 7 Professional Engineers

Chapter 8 Collection Agencies [Repealed]
Chapter 8.5 Locksmiths

Chapter 9 Contractors

Chapter 9.3 Home Inspectors

Chapter 9.4 Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Home Inspections

Chapter 9.5 Guide Dogs for the Blind

Chapter 10 Barbering and Cosmetology

Chapter 11 Repossessors

Chapter 11.3 Private Investigators

Chapter 11.4 Proprietary Security Services

Chapter 11.5 Private Security Services

Chapter 11.6 Alarm Companies

Chapter 12 Cemetery and Funeral Act

Chapter 12.5 Geologists and Geophysicists

Chapter 13 Shorthand Reporters

Chapter 14 Structural Pest Control Operators

Chapter 14.5 (Repealed January 1, 2018) Structural Fumigation Enforcement Program

Chapter 15 Land Surveyors

Chapter 16 Yacht and Ship Brokers [Repealed]

Chapter 17 Social Workers [Repealed]

Chapter 17.5 Registered Construction Inspectors [Repealed]

Chapter 17.6 Polygraph Examiners [Repealed]

Chapter 18 Cleaning, Dyeing, and Pressing [Repealed]

Chapter 19 Cemeteries [Repealed]

Chapter 19.5 Aircraft Repair

Chapter 20 Electronic and Appliance Repair Dealers

Chapter 20.1 Motor Vehicle Replacement Parts

Chapter 20.3 Automotive Repair

Chapter 20.4 Mandatory Vehicle Emission Inspection and Testing Program [Repealed]

Chapter 20.5 Certification of Third Party Dispute Resolution Processes

Chapter 20.6 Tax Preparers

Chapter 21 Employment Agencies [Repealed]

Chapter 21.5 Foreign Labor Contractors


Part 1 Licensing of Persons

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Administration

Chapter 3 Real Estate Regulations

Chapter 4 Real Estate Syndicate Act [Repealed]

Chapter 5 Cemetery Brokerage Regulations [Repealed]

Chapter 6 Revenue

Chapter 6.5 Real Estate Recovery Program

Chapter 7 Mineral, Oil and Gas Brokerage

Part 2 Regulation of Transactions

Chapter 1 Subdivided Lands

Chapter 2 The Vacation Ownership and Time–Share Act of 2004

Chapter 3 Official Maps [Repealed]

Chapter 4 Residential Real Property in Foreclosure [Repealed]

Part 3 Licensing and Certification of Real Estate Appraisers

General Provisions

Chapter 1 Definitions

Chapter 2 Administration

Chapter 3 Scope of Practice

Chapter 4 Licenses and Certification Application

Chapter 5 Reciprocity of Licenses and Certification

Chapter 6 Continuing Education

Chapter 7 Fees

Chapter 8 Real Estate Appraisers Regulation Fund

Chapter 9 Miscellaneous

Part 4 (Repealed January 1, 2019) Certified Common Interest Development Manager

Chapter 1 (Repealed January 1, 2019) Purpose and Definitions

Chapter 2 (Repealed January 1, 2019) Certified Common Interest Development Manager

Chapter 3 (Repealed January 1, 2019) Disclosure Requirements

Chapter 4 (Repealed January 1, 2019) Unfair Business Practices

Chapter 5 (Repealed January 1, 2019) Sunset Review


Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Administration

Chapter 3 Standards of Weights and Measures

Chapter 4 Units of Weight and Measure [Repealed]

Chapter 5 Weighing and Measuring Devices

Chapter 5.5 Service Agencies for Weighing and Measuring Devices

Chapter 6 Fair Packaging and Labeling Act

Chapter 6.5 Unit Pricing

Chapter 6.6 Standard Bread Loaf [Repealed]

Chapter 7 Weighmasters

Chapter 7.3 Private Weighmasters [Repealed]

Chapter 7.7 Public Weighmasters at Large [Repealed]

Chapter 8 Terminal Weighing [Repealed]

Chapter 9 Special Provisions Relating to Farm Products

Chapter 10 Flour and Meal Containers [Repealed]

Chapter 11 Textile Products [Repealed]

Chapter 12 Animal Euthanasic Devices [Repealed]

Chapter 13 Automatic Checkout Systems

Chapter 13.5 Point-of-Sale System Price Accuracy Verification Methodologies [Repealed]

Chapter 14 Fuels and Lubricants

Chapter 14.5 Service Stations

Chapter 15 Automotive Products

Chapter 16 Rental Vehicles

Chapter 17 Automatic Transmission Fluid [Repealed]


General Provisions

Chapter 1 Good Will

Chapter 2 Model State Trademark Law

Chapter 3 Trade Names and Designations

Chapter 4 Solicitations for Financial Services


Part 1 Licensing for Revenue and Regulation

Chapter 1 Licensing by Cities

Chapter 2 Licensing by Counties

Chapter 2.1 Business License Taxation

Chapter 3 State Licensing

Chapter 4 Employment Activities

Chapter 5 Defense Training Schools [Repealed]

Chapter 6 Notices to Licensees

Part 2 Preservation and Regulation of Competition

Chapter 1 Contracts in Restraint of Trade

Chapter 2 Combinations in Restraint of Trade

Chapter 2.5 Combinations to Obstruct Sales of Livestock

Chapter 3 Fair Trade Contracts [Repealed]

Chapter 4 Unfair Trade Practices

Chapter 5 Enforcement

Chapter 6 Duplication of Manufactured Parts [Repealed]

Chapter 6.5 Reassignments

Chapter 7 Sales of Telephone and Other Communications Equipment

Part 3 Representations to the Public

Chapter 1 Advertising

Chapter 2 Premium Coupons

Chapter 3 Trading Stamp Companies

Chapter 4 Counterfeiting Abatement [Repealed]

Chapter 5 Fictitious Business Names

Part 4 Microenterprises


Chapter 1 Automobiles

Chapter 1a Automobile Dealers

Chapter 2 Boxing, Wrestling, and Martial Arts

Chapter 2.5 Athlete Agents

Chapter 2.7 Community Youth Athletic Programs

Chapter 2.8 Businesses Providing Services to Minors

Chapter 3 Home Furnishings

Chapter 3.5 Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act

Chapter 4 Horse Racing

Chapter 4.5 Mule Racing

Chapter 5 The Gambling Control Act

Chapter 5.5 Franchise Relations

Chapter 6 Paints

Chapter 6.5 Video Arcades

Chapter 6.7 Video Games

Chapter 7 Industrial Hygienist Definition and Registration Act

Chapter 7.5 Franchises

Chapter 7.8 Franchise Dealers Fair Practices

Chapter 7.9 Hours of Business

Chapter 8 Unfair Practices

Chapter 9 Secondhand Goods

Chapter 10 Self–Service Storage Facilities

Chapter 11 Copyrighted Performances of Musical Works

Chapter 11.5 Optical Disc Identification

Chapter 12 Precious Metal Marking

Chapter 13 Polyethylene Plastic Materials

Chapter 14 (Repealed January 1, 2019) Tax Preparers

Chapter 15 Passage Tickets

Chapter 15.5 Automobile Rental Agencies

Chapter 16 Process Servers

Chapter 17 Invention Development Services Contracts

Chapter 17.5 Appliance Labeling

Chapter 18 Identification Cards

Chapter 18.5 Simulated Checks

Chapter 19 Shopping and Laundry Carts

Chapter 19.5 Immigration Consultants

Chapter 20 Professional Photocopiers

Chapter 20.5 Magazine Distributors

Chapter 21 Ticket Sellers

Chapter 21.5 Money Exchange Houses

Chapter 22 Internet Privacy Requirements

Chapter 22.1 Privacy Rights for California Minors in the Digital World

Chapter 22.2 Student Online Personal Information Protection Act

Chapter 22.3. Internet Private Residence Rental Listings

Chapter 22.5 Commercial Directories

Chapter 23 Tanning Facilities

Chapter 24 Bakery Trays, Bakery Baskets, and Merchandise Pallets

Chapter 24.5 Plastic Bulk Merchandise Containers

Chapter 25 [No chapter of this number]

Chapter 26 Telephone Equipment

Chapter 27 Cable Television

Chapter 27.5 Commercial Mail Receiving Agency

Chapter 28 Fair Practices of Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, and Dealers Act

Chapter 28.5 Intermodal Marine Terminals

Chapter 29 Donated Property

Chapter 30 Billing Practices

Chapter 32 Consumer Protection Against Computer Spyware Act

Chapter 33 Anti-Phishing Act of 2005

Chapter 34 Network Security

Chapter 35 Connected Televisions


ACT OF 2003

Chapter 1 General Provisions and Definitions

Chapter 2 License for Retailers of Cigarettes and Tobacco Products

Chapter 3 License for Wholesalers and Distributors of Cigarettes and Tobacco

Products Chapter 4 License and Administration Fee for Manufacturers and Importers

Chapter 5 Inspections, Prohibitions, and Penalties

Chapter 6 Disposition of Funds

Chapter 7 Duration of Division


Chapter 1 General Provisions and Definitions

Chapter 1.5 Administration

Chapter 2 Authorized Unlicensed Transactions and Exemptions

Chapter 3 Licenses and Fees

Chapter 4 Imports

Chapter 5 Restrictions on Issuance of Licenses

Chapter 6 Issuance and Transfer of Licenses

Chapter 7 Suspension and Revocation of Licenses

Chapter 8 Hearings

Chapter 9 Excise Taxes [Repealed]

Chapter 10 Alcoholic Beverages Fair Trade Contracts and Price Posting [Repealed]

Chapter 11 Wine Fair Trade Contracts and Price Posting [Repealed]

Chapter 12 Beer Price Posting and Marketing Regulations

Chapter 13 Labels and Containers

Chapter 14 Seizure and Forfeiture of Property

Chapter 15 Tied–House Restrictions

Chapter 16 Regulatory Provisions

Chapter 17 Administrative Provisions

Chapter 18 Alcoholic Rehabilitation [Repealed]