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Nevada Marijuana Laws and Regulations

The authoritative resource for medical and retail marijuana laws in Nevada.
Publisher: Matthew Bender

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Print Book :1 volume, softbound, updated annually
2018-2019 Edition
ISBN: 9781522159384
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The Nevada Marijuana Laws and Regulations is a comprehensive resource for Nevada laws and regulations governing medical and retail marijuana production, sale, and use.

Table of Contents

Sections Affected by 2017 Legislation
Title 40. Public Health and Safety.
Chap. 453. Controlled Substances, §§ 453.005, 453.042, 453.096, 453.139, 453.334, 453.339, 453.3393
Chap. 453A. Medical Use of Marijuana, §§ 453A.010 to 453A.810
Chap. 453D. Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana, §§ 453D.010 to 453D.600
Title 4. Witnesses and Evidence.
Chap. 52. Documentary and Other Physical Evidence, § 52.400
Title 14. Procedure in Criminal Cases.
Chap. 176. Judgment and Execution, § 176.01247
Title 15. Crimes and Punishments.
Chap. 207. Miscellaneous Crimes, § 207.335
Title 18. State Executive Department.
Chap. 223. Governor, § 223.250
Title 20. Counties and Townships: Formation, Government and Officers.
Chap. 244. Counties: Government, § 244.35253
Title 21. Cities and Towns.
Chap. 268. Powers and Duties Common to Cities and Towns Incorporated Under General or Special Laws, § 268.0977
Chap. 269. Unincorporated Towns, § 269.183
Title 32. Revenue and Taxation.
Chap. 372A. Tax on Controlled Substances, §§ 372A.030, 372A.200 to 372A.360
Title 43. Public Safety; Vehicles; Watercraft.
Chap. 484C. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or a Prohibited Substance, §§ 484C.080, 484C.105, 484C.150 to 484C.440, 484C.500 to 484C.530 89
Title 51. Food and Other Commodities: Purity; Standards; Weights and Measures; Marketing.
Chap. 586. Nevada Pesticides Act, § 586.550 Nevada Administrative Regulations
Chap. 372A. Tax on Controlled Substances, §§ 372A.100 to 372A.180
Chap. 453A. Medical Use of Marijuana, §§ 453A.010 to 453A.720