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This Matthew Bender Practice Guide set includes California Civil Discovery and California Pretrial Civil Procedure and is the new standard in practice guides. You'll get unparalleled capability including streamlined chapter organization, precise guides on finding pertinent online information, cross references to additional relevant content, practice tips classified by type and highlighted by icons, an abundance of checklists, and the forms you need all in one place. Section headings include concise statements of law, so you can find answers to many of the most common questions just by reviewing the table of contents.

Our expert authors, unparalleled by any competing product, are currently active California civil litigation practitioners and judges who take you through all the major pretrial procedures for a civil case, including:

•  Client interviews and identification of parties.
•  Preparing and serving the plaintiff's complaint.
•  Filing the defendant's responses including answers and motions to dismiss or strike.
•  Provisional remedies such as injunctions.
•  Pretrial procedures such as law and motion procedure.
•  Ending the case before trial with motions for summary judgment, dismissal, or settlement.

All of this material is now offered in a convenient format for ultra-portability and the convenience of copy-and-paste and other capabilities so you can take your practice to the next level. Get yours today and see what sets LexisNexis Matthew Bender Practice Guides apart from the competition

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Strategy and Planning
Chapter 2 Scope of Discovery
Chapter 3 Sanctions
Chapter 4 Law and Motion Procedure
Chapter 5 Discovery of Electronically Stored Information
Chapter 6 Oral Depositions in California
Chapter 7 Oral Depositions Outside of California
Chapter 8 Depositions on Written Questions
Chapter 9 Interrogatories
Chapter 10 Inspection of Documents, Tangible Things, and Land
Chapter 11 Physical and Mental Examinations
Chapter 12 Requests for Admissions
Chapter 13 Exchanging Expert Witness Information
Chapter 14 Preservation of Evidence
Chapter 15 Review of Discovery Orders
Discovery Act Correlation Tables

Chapter 1 Litigation Milestone Checklists
Chapter 2 Client Interview
Chapter 3 Beginning and Terminating the Attorney-Client Relationship
Chapter 4 Limitation of Actions
Chapter 5 Parties
Chapter 6 Determining Forum
Chapter 7 Complaints
Chapter 8 Service of Summons
Chapter 9 Motions to Quash and Other Objections to Personal Jurisdiction
Chapter 10 Dismissal for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Chapter 11 Demurrers and Motions for Judgment on the Pleadings
Chapter 12 Motions to Strike
Chapter 13 Anti-SLAPP Motions
Chapter 14 Answers
Chapter 15 Reclassification of Cases
Chapter 16 Cross-Complaints
Chapter 17 Removal to Federal Court
Chapter 18 TROs and Preliminary Injunctions
Chapter 19 Attachment
Chapter 20 Claim and Delivery
Chapter 21 Lis Pendens
Chapter 22 Disqualification of Judge
Chapter 23 Case Management
Chapter 24 Pretrial ADR
Chapter 25 Reference
Chapter 26 Law and Motion Procedure
Chapter 27 Service of Papers
Chapter 28 Stipulations
Chapter 29 Motions to Reconsider and Renewed Motions
Chapter 30 Continuances
Chapter 31 Intervention
Chapter 32 Notice of Related Cases, Consolidation, Coordination, and Severance of Actions
Chapter 33 Class Actions
Chapter 34 Amended and Supplemental Pleadings
Chapter 35 Sanctions
Chapter 36 Defaults and Motions for Relief
Chapter 37 Settlement and Release
Chapter 38 Summary Judgment
Chapter 39 Voluntary Dismissal
Chapter 40 Dismissal for Delay in Bringing to Trial