Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Civil Appeals and Writs

Make the Most of Appellate and Writ Practice in California with this Two-Volume Set

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Obtaining a litigation judgment is only part of the process; and more often than not the case is taken on appeal. Secure your trial court victory on appeal, or reverse the judgment due to trial court errors, with Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Civil Appeals and Writs that analyzes appeals and writs from both points of view. This publication addresses:
•   Composition of appellate courts.
•   Standards of appellate review and appealable judgments and orders.
•   Standing on appeal.
•   Notice of appeal and stay of enforcement.
•   Record on appeal.
•   Motions practice.
•   Dismissal and abandonment.
•   Briefs.
•   Settlement conferences and mediation.
•   Hearing, decision, and rehearing.
•   Supreme Court review.
•   Remittitur to trial courts.
•   Sanctions, costs, and fees on appeal.
•   Limited civil case appeals.
•   Small claims appeals.
•   Writs of mandate and prohibition.
•   Writs of review (certiorari).

An essential addition to your litigation library, Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Civil Appeals and Writs is also the perfect complement to California Pretrial Civil Procedure Practice Guide: The Wagstaffe Group, Matthew Bender Practice Guide: Trial and Post-Trial Civil Procedure, and Matthew Bender Practice Guide: California Debt Collection and Enforcement of Judgments.
Matthew Bender California Practice Guides redefine what first-class research support is all about. These peerless dual media tools combine the convenience of the printed word with the reach of online access to help you work smarter and faster - and get more of what you're searching for easier.
With each Practice Guide, expert task-oriented analyses are just the beginning. Checklists, practice tips, examples, explanatory notes, forms, cross-referencing to other Practice Guides and online linking to Matthew Bender's vast suite of publications all combine to deliver the fast, full and confident understanding you seek.
Featuring more of what you're looking for in a comprehensive research system - a task-based format, thorough yet concise content, citable expert insight, twice-a-year updating, a superior print/online interface, sample searches and so much more - Matthew Bender California Practice Guides will help lift your efforts to a whole new level of success.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Appeals Milestone Checklists

Chapter 2 Appellate Court System and Standards of Appellate Review

Chapter 3 Appealable Judgments and Orders

Chapter 4 Standing on Appeal

Chapter 5 Notice of Appeal and Cross-Appeal

Chapter 6 Stay of Enforcement

Chapter 7 Record on Appeal

Chapter 8 Shortening/Extending Time, and Relief From Default

Chapter 9 Motions Procedure

Chapter 10 Dismissal, Abandonment, and Stipulated Reversal

Chapter 11 Briefs

Chapter 12 Settlement Conference and Mediation

Chapter 13 Hearing and Decision

Chapter 14 Rehearing

Chapter 15 Supreme Court Review

Chapter 16 Remittitur to Trial Court

Chapter 17 Sanctions on Appeal

Chapter 18 Costs and Attorney’s Fees On Appeal

Chapter 19 Limited Civil Case Appeals

Chapter 20 Small Claims Appeals

Chapter 21 Writs Milestone Checklists

Chapter 22 Writs of Mandate and Prohibition

Chapter 23 Writ of Review (Certiorari)

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes