Deering's California Codes Annotated

Since 1866, smart practitioners have turned to Deering's California Codes as their choice for fast, accurate statutory research. This extensive annotated code set provides coverage of everything you need to know about all California codes, the California Constitution, rules of court and state bars. Up-to-date casenote annotations provide coverage of all significant state court decisions construing California law. It also includes more than 4,000 suggested forms integrated with the appropriate code sections.
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Since 1866, smart practitioners have turned to Deering's California Codes Annotated as their choice for fast, accurate statutory research. This extensive annotated code set provides coverage of everything you need to know about all California codes, the California Constitution, rules of court and state bars. Up-to-date casenote annotations provide coverage of all significant state court decisions construing California law. It also includes more than 4,000 suggested forms integrated with the appropriate code sections. Deering's California Codes Annotated is also available on CD-ROM with links to California Law on LexisNexis CD-ROM.

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Table of contents

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. Department of Consumer Affairs
DIVISION 1.2. Legislative Sunset Review Committee
DIVISION 1.5. Denial, Suspension and Revocation of Licenses
DIVISION 2. Healing Arts
DIVISION 3. Professions and Vocations Generally
DIVISION 4. Real Estate
DIVISION 5. Weights and Measures
DIVISION 6. Business Rights
DIVISION 7. General Business Regulations
DIVISION 8. Special Business Regulations
DIVISION 8.5. Stop Tobacco Access to Kids Enforcement Act
DIVISION 8.6. California Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Act of 2003
DIVISION 9. Alcoholic Beverages
DIVISION 30. Repeals

Title of the Act
Preliminary Provisions
Definitions and Sources Of Law
Effect of the 1872 Codes
DIVISION 1. Persons
DIVISION 2. Property
DIVISION 3. Obligations
DIVISION 4. General Provisions

Title of Act
Preliminary Provisions
PART 1. Courts of Justice
PART 2. Civil Actions
PART 3. Special Proceedings of a Civil Nature
PART 3.5. Of Alternative Procedures
PART 4. Miscellaneous Provisions

General Provisions
TITLE 1. Corporations
TITLE 2. Partnerships
TITLE 2.5. Limited Liability Companies
TITLE 3. Unincorporated Associations
TITLE 4. Securities
TITLE 5. Subversive Organization Registration Law
TITLE 10. Repeals

TITLE 1. General Education Code Provisions
TITLE 2. Elementary And Secondary Education
TITLE 3. Postsecondary Education

DIVISION 0.5. Preliminary Provisions
DIVISION 1. Established Election Dates
DIVISION 2. Voters
DIVISION 3. Absentee Voting, New Resident, and New Citizen Voting
DIVISION 4. Mail Ballot Elections
DIVISION 5. Political Party Qualifications
DIVISION 6. Presidential Elections
DIVISION 7. Political Party Organization and Central Committee Elections
DIVISION 8. Nominations
DIVISION 9. Measures Submitted to the Voters
DIVISION 10. Local, Special, Vacancy, and Consolidated Elections
DIVISION 11. Recall Elections
DIVISION 12. Preelection Procedures
DIVISION 13. Ballots, Sample Ballots, and Voter Pamphlets
DIVISION 14. Election Day Procedures
DIVISION 15. Semifinal Official Canvass, Official Canvass, Recount, and Tie Vote Procedures
DIVISION 16. Elections Contests
DIVISION 17. Retention and Preservation of Election Records
DIVISION 18. Penal Provisions
DIVISION 19. Approval of Voting Systems
DIVISION 20. Election Campaigns
DIVISION 21. State and Local Reapportionment

DIVISION 1. Preliminary Provisions and Construction
DIVISION 2. Words and Phrases Defined
DIVISION 3. General Provisions
DIVISION 4. Judicial Notice
DIVISION 5. Burden of Proof; Burden of Producing Evidence; Presumptions and Inferences
DIVISION 6. Witnesses
DIVISION 7. Opinion Testimony and Scientific Evidence
DIVISION 8. Privileges
DIVISION 9. Evidence Affected or Excluded by Extrinsic Policies
DIVISION 10. Hearsay Evidence
DIVISION 11. Writings

DIVISION 1. Preliminary Provisions and Definitions
DIVISION 2. General Provisions
DIVISION 2.5. Domestic Partner Registration
DIVISION 3. Marriage
DIVISION 4. Rights and Obligations During Marriage
DIVISION 5. Conciliation Proceedings
DIVISION 6. Nullity, Dissolution, and Legal Separation
DIVISION 7. Division of Property
DIVISION 8. Custody of Children
DIVISION 9. Support
DIVISION 10. Prevention of Domestic Violence
DIVISION 11. Minors
DIVISION 12. Parent And Child Relationship
DIVISION 13. Adoption
DIVISION 14. Family Law Facilitator Act
DIVISION 15. Friend of the Court Act
DIVISION 16. Family Law Information Centers
DIVISION 17. Support Services
DIVISION 20. Pilot Projects

General Provisions
DIVISION 1.1. The Setting of Fees in Consumer Credit Agreements and Related Consumer Protections
DIVISION 1.2. California Financial Information Privacy Act
DIVISION 1.5. Depository Corporations--Sale, Merger, and Conversion
DIVISION 1.6. Covered Loans
DIVISION 1.7. Securities Sales
DIVISION 1.8. Persons Connected with Financial Institutions
DIVISION 2. Savings Association Law
DIVISION 3. Check Sellers, Bill Payers, and Proraters
DIVISION 4. Automated Teller Machines: User Safety
DIVISION 4.5. Automated Teller Machine Surcharge Disclosure
DIVISION 5. Credit Unions
DIVISION 6. Escrow Agents
DIVISION 7. Industrial Loan Companies
DIVISION 8. Pawnbrokers
DIVISION 9. California Finance Lenders Law
DIVISION 10. California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law
DIVISION 11. Commercial Finance Lenders
DIVISION 11.5. National Housing Act Loans
DIVISION 13. Premium Financing
DIVISION 14. Securities Depositories
DIVISION 15. Business and Industrial Development Corporations
DIVISION 15.5. State Assistance Fund For Enterprise, Business and Industrial Development Corporation
DIVISION 16. Payment Instruments
DIVISION 17. State Assistance Fund for Recreational Marinas, California Business and Industrial Development Corporation
DIVISION 18. California Home Loan Mortgage Association
DIVISION 19. Release of Demand Deposit Funds
DIVISION 20. California Residential Mortgage Lending Act

General Provisions and Definitions
DIVISION 0.5. General Provisions and Definitions
DIVISION 1. Fish and Game Commission
DIVISION 2. Department of Fish and Game
DIVISION 3. Fish and Game Generally
DIVISION 4. Birds and Mammals
DIVISION 5. Protected Reptiles and Amphibians
DIVISION 6.5. Sturgeon Egg Processors
DIVISION 7. Refuges
DIVISION 8. Districts
DIVISION 9. Fines and Penalties
DIVISION 10. Revenue
DIVISION 10.5. Expenditures
DIVISION 11. Pacific Marine Fisheries Compact
DIVISION 12. Aquaculture
DIVISION 13. State-Tribal Agreements Governing Indian Fishing
DIVISION 13.5. State-Tribal Agreements Governing Indian Fishing on the Klamath River

General Provisions and Definitions
DIVISION 1. State Administration
DIVISION 2. Local Administration
DIVISION 3. Expositions and Fairs
DIVISION 4. Plant Quarantine and Pest Control
DIVISION 5. Animal and Poultry Quarantine and Pest Control
DIVISION 6. Pest Control Operations
DIVISION 7. Agricultural Chemicals, Livestock Remedies, and Commercial Feeds
DIVISION 8. Vessel and Aircraft Garbage
DIVISION 9. Animals Generally
DIVISION 10. Cattle Protection
DIVISION 11. Horses, Mules, Burros, Sheep, and Swine
DIVISION 12. Poultry, Rabbits, Eggs, and Egg Products
DIVISION 13. Bee Management and Honey Production
DIVISION 14. Regulation and Licensing of Dogs
DIVISION 14.5. Regulation of Cats
DIVISION 14.8. Animals
DIVISION 15. Milk and Milk Products Act of 1947
DIVISION 16. Certification, Processing and Canning, and Canned Foods
DIVISION 17. Fruit, Nut, and Vegetable Standards
DIVISION 18. Field Crops, Seeds, Seed Potatoes, One-Variety Cotton Districts, and Nursery Stock Grades and Standards
DIVISION 20. Processors, Storers, Dealers, Distributors of Agricultural Products
DIVISION 21. Marketing
DIVISION 22. Marketing Advisory and Promotional Agency Laws
DIVISION 23. California Desert Native Plants

General Provisions
TITLE 1. General
TITLE 2. Government of the State of California
TITLE 3. Government of Counties
TITLE 4. Government of Cities
TITLE 5. Local Agencies
TITLE 6. Districts
TITLE 6.7. Infrastructure Finance
TITLE 7. Planning and Land Use
TITLE 7.1. Metropolitan Transportation Commission
TITLE 7.10. San Francisco Bay Area Water Transit Authority
TITLE 7.2. San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission
TITLE 7.3. Solid Waste Management, Resource Recovery, And Recycling
TITLE 7.4. Tahoe Regional Planning Compact
TITLE 7.41. Tahoe Conservancy Agency Compact
TITLE 7.42. California Tahoe Conservancy
TITLE 7.43. Lake Tahoe Acquisitions Bond Act
TITLE 7.5. California Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
TITLE 7.55. San Diego Regional Government Efficiency Commission
TITLE 7.6. Western Interstate Nuclear Compact
TITLE 7.7. California Commuter And Intercity Transit Right-Of-Way Preservation Act
TITLE 7.75. California State University, Channel Islands Site Authority Act
TITLE 7.8. San Francisco Bay Area Transportation Terminal Authority
TITLE 7.85. Fort Ord Reuse Authority
TITLE 7.86. The Military Base Reuse Authority Act
TITLE 7.87. Placer County Transportation Planning Agency
TITLE 7.88. Nevada County Transportation Planning Agency
TITLE 7.89. Transportation Agency of Monterey County
TITLE 7.9. Recycling, Resource, Recovery, and Litter Prevention
TITLE 7.91. Fresno Metropolitan Projects Act
TITLE 7.92. Nevada County Transportation Planning Agency
TITLE 7.93. Transportation Agency of Monterey County
TITLE 7.94. Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission
TITLE 7.95. El Dorado County Transportation Planning Agency
TITLE 7.96. North Lake Tahoe Transportation Authority
TITLE 8. The Organization and Government of Courts
TITLE 8.5. Local Penalties
TITLE 9. Political Reform
TITLE 10. California Industrial Development Financing Act
TITLE 11. California Passenger Rail Financing Commission Act
TITLE 12. North Coast Railroad Authority
TITLE 12.3. Siskiyou Railroad Authority
TITLE 12.4. San Diego Railroad Authority
TITLE 13. California Savings and Asset Project
TITLE 14. California Early Intervention Services Act (First of two)
TITLE 14. California Early Intervention Services Act (Second of two)
TITLE 15. Office of Child Development and Education
TITLE 16. State-Tribal Agreements Governing Indian Gaming
TITLE 17. California Fiscal Recovery Financing Act
TITLE 18. The Economic Recovery Bond Act
TITLE 50. Repeals

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. Department of Boating and Waterways and the Boating and Waterways Commission
DIVISION 1.5. Navigable Waters
DIVISION 2. Navigation
DIVISION 3. Vessels
DIVISION 4. Masters, Crews and Cargoes
DIVISION 5. Pilots for Monterey Bay and the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun
DIVISION 5. Pilots for San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun Bays
DIVISION 5. Pilots for Monterey Bay and the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun
DIVISION 5. Pilots for San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun Bays
DIVISION 5. Pilots for Monterey Bay and the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun
DIVISION 6. Harbors And Ports
DIVISION 7. County Provisions
DIVISION 8. Harbor and Port Districts
DIVISION 20. Repeals

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. Administration of Public Health
DIVISION 1.5. Use of Seclusion and Behavioral Restraints in Facilities
DIVISION 2. Licensing Provisions
DIVISION 2.3. Patient Access to Health Records
DIVISION 2.5. Emergency Medical Services
DIVISION 3. Pest Abatement
DIVISION 4. Communicable Disease Prevention and Control
DIVISION 5. Sanitation
DIVISION 6. Sanitary Districts
DIVISION 7. Dead Bodies
DIVISION 8. Cemeteries
DIVISION 9. Vital Statistics
DIVISION 9.5. Birth Defects Monitoring Program
DIVISION 9.7. Perinatal Substance Abuse
DIVISION 10. Uniform Controlled Substances Act
DIVISION 10.1. Imitation Controlled Substances Act
DIVISION 10.2. Drug Dealer Liability Act
DIVISION 10.5. State Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs
DIVISION 10.6. Drug and Alcohol Abuse Master Plans
DIVISION 10.7. Illegal Use of Drugs and Alcohol
DIVISION 10.8. Substance Abuse Treatment Funding
DIVISION 10.9. Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment Accountability Program
DIVISION 11. Explosives
DIVISION 12. Fires and Fire Protection
DIVISION 12.5. Buildings Used by the Public
DIVISION 13. Housing
DIVISION 14. Police Protection
DIVISION 15. Poisons
DIVISION 16. Venereal Disease
DIVISION 17. Importation of Tires
DIVISION 20. Miscellaneous Health and Safety Provisions
DIVISION 21. Sherman Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law
DIVISION 22. Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Foods, Restaurants, and Hazardous Substances
DIVISION 23. Hospital Districts
DIVISION 23.5. Endowment Hospitals
DIVISION 24. Community Development and Housing
DIVISION 25. Health and Welfare Agency--Direct Service Contracts Reform Act
DIVISION 25.1. Health and Welfare Agency--Administrative Appeals Process For Nonprofit Human Services Agencies
DIVISION 25.2. State Department of Health Services Cooperative Agreement Act
DIVISION 26. Air Resources
DIVISION 27. California Pollution Control Financing Authority Act
DIVISION 28. Noise Control Act
DIVISION 30. Repeals
DIVISION 31. Housing and Home Finance
DIVISION 32. Seismic Safety Building Rehabilitation Loans
DIVISION 36. Large Scale Urban Development
DIVISION 37. Regulation of Environmental Protection
DIVISION 37.5. Repair or Maintenance Projects
DIVISION 38. Department of Toxic Substances Control
DIVISION 39. Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
DIVISION 101. Administration of Public Health
DIVISION 102. Vital Records and Health Statistics
DIVISION 103. Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
DIVISION 104. Environmental Health
DIVISION 105. Communicable Disease Prevention And Control
DIVISION 106. Personal Health Care (Including Maternal, Child, and Adolescent)
DIVISION 107. Statewide Health Planning and Development
DIVISION 108. California Children and Families Program
DIVISION 109. Parkinson's Disease Community Outreach, Diagnosis, And Treatment Project
DIVISION 110. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Implementation Act of 2001
DIVISION 111. Golden Bear State Pharmacy Assistance Program

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. General Rules Governing Insurance
DIVISION 2. Classes of Insurance
DIVISION 1. General Rules Governing Insurance
DIVISION 2. Classes of Insurance
DIVISION 3. The Insurance Commissioner
DIVISION 4. Civil Disorders
DIVISION 5. Insurance Adjusters
DIVISION 6. Repeals

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. Department of Industrial Relations
DIVISION 1.5. California Commission on Manpower, Automation and Technology
DIVISION 2. Employment Regulation and Supervision
DIVISION 3. Employment Relations
DIVISION 4. Workers' Compensation and Insurance
DIVISION 4.5. Workers' Compensation and Insurance: State Employees Not Otherwise Covered
DIVISION 4.6. Workmen's Compensation Advisory Committee
DIVISION 4.7. Retraining and Rehabilitation
DIVISION 5. Safety in Employment
DIVISION 6. Construction and Repeals
DIVISION 10. Construction and Repeals

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. Administration of Military and Veterans Affairs
DIVISION 2. The Military Forces of the State
DIVISION 3. Emblems and Decorations
DIVISION 3.5. Extraordinary Commission on the Vietnam Veteran
DIVISION 4. Veterans' Aid and Welfare
DIVISION 5. Veterans' Institutions
DIVISION 6. Veterans Buildings, Memorials, and Cemeteries
DIVISION 7. National Defense
DIVISION 8. Veterans' Welfare
DIVISION 10. Repeals

Title of the Act
Preliminary Provisions
PART 1. Crimes and Punishments
PART 2. Criminal Procedure
PART 3. Of Imprisonment and the Death Penalty
PART 4. Prevention of Crimes and Apprehension of Criminals
PART 5. Peace Officers' Memorial

DIVISION 1. Preliminary Provisions and Definitions
DIVISION 2. General Provisions
DIVISION 3. General Provisions of a Procedural Nature
DIVISION 4. Guardianship, Conservatorship, and Other Protective Proceedings
DIVISION 4.5. Powers of Attorney
DIVISION 4.7. Health Care Decisions
DIVISION 5. Nonprobate Transfers
DIVISION 6. Wills and Intestate Succession
DIVISION 7. Administration of Estates of Decedents
DIVISION 8. Disposition of Estate Without Administration
DIVISION 9. Trust Law
DIVISION 10. Proration of Taxes
DIVISION 11. Construction of Wills, Trusts, and Other Instruments

DIVISION 1. Purpose and Preliminary Matters
DIVISION 2. General Provisions

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. Administration
DIVISION 2. Geology, Mines and Mining
DIVISION 3. Oil and Gas
DIVISION 3.5. Mines and Mining
DIVISION 4. Forests, Forestry and Range and Forage Lands
DIVISION 5. Parks and Monuments
DIVISION 5.7. Small Craft Harbors
DIVISION 5.8. California Wildlife, Coastal, and Park Land Conservation Act
DIVISION 6. Public Lands
DIVISION 7. Kapiloff Land Bank Act
DIVISION 7.5. Arroyo Seco Parklands
DIVISION 7.7. School Land Bank Act
DIVISION 7.8. Oil Spill Prevention and Response
DIVISION 7.9. Oil Transfer and Transportation Emission and Risk Reduction Act of 2002
DIVISION 8. Surveying and Mapping
DIVISION 8.5. Geographic And Land Information Systems
DIVISION 9. Resource Conservation
DIVISION 10. Streamflow Protection Standards
DIVISION 10.2. Agricultural Land Stewardship Program of 1995
DIVISION 10.25. California Environmental Quality Improvement Revolving Loan Program
DIVISION 10.3. Agricultural Protection Planning Grant Program
DIVISION 10.4. Coastal Farmland Preservation Program (First of two)
DIVISION 10.4. Rangeland, Grazing Land, and Grassland Protection Act (Second of two)
DIVISION 10.5. California Forest Legacy Program Act of 2000
DIVISION 11. Resort Improvement Districts
DIVISION 12. California Conservation Corps
DIVISION 12.1. California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act
DIVISION 12.2. Products Containing Toxic Metals
DIVISION 12.5. Newsprint
DIVISION 12.6. Paving Materials
DIVISION 12.7. Plastic Waste
DIVISION 12.9. Fiberglass Recycled Content Act of 1991
DIVISION 13. Environmental Quality
DIVISION 13.5. California Environmental Protection Program
DIVISION 14. The Ventura-Los Angeles Mountain and Coastal Study Commission
DIVISION 15. Energy Conservation and Development
DIVISION 16. California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority Act
DIVISION 16.5. Energy and Resources Fund
DIVISION 17. Geologic Hazard Abatement Districts
DIVISION 18. Morro Bay Management Plan
DIVISION 19. Suisun Marsh Preservation
DIVISION 19.5. Delta Protection Act of 1992
DIVISION 20. California Coastal Act
DIVISION 20.4. Watershed, Clean Beaches, and Water Quality Act
DIVISION 20.5. Ocean Use Planning
DIVISION 20.7. Santa Monica Bay Restoration
DIVISION 21. State Coastal Conservancy
DIVISION 22. California Urban Waterfront Area Restoration Financing Authority Act
DIVISION 22.5. San Joaquin River Conservancy
DIVISION 22.7. Baldwin Hills Conservancy Act
DIVISION 22.8. San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy
DIVISION 22.9. San Diego River Conservancy
DIVISION 23. Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
DIVISION 23.5. Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy
DIVISION 23.7. Preservation of Future Transportation Options
DIVISION 24. Renewable Resources Investment Program
DIVISION 25. Coastal Resources and Energy Assistance
DIVISION 26. Santa Clara County Open-Space Authority
DIVISION 27. Ocean Resources Management
DIVISION 28. Natural Heritage Preservation Tax Credit Act of 2000
DIVISION 30. Waste Management
DIVISION 31. Waste Management Facilities
DIVISION 32. Sacramento Regional County Solid Waste Management District Act
DIVISION 32.5. Ventura County Waste Management Authority
DIVISION 33. Glass Contamination
DIVISION 34. Environmental Protection
DIVISION 36. Ballast Water Management for Control of Nonindigenous Species
DIVISION 37. Large Passenger Vessels Program
DIVISION 38. Prohibited Release of Wastes from Large Passenger Vessels
DIVISION 39. Large Passenger Vessels
DIVISION 50. Repeals

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. Regulation of Public Utilities
DIVISION 1.5. California Consumer Power and Conservation Financing Authority Act
DIVISION 2. Regulation of Related Businesses by the Public Utilities Commission
DIVISION 3. Public Utility Franchises by Local Governments
DIVISION 3.5. Utility Relocation Agreements
DIVISION 4. Laws Relating to Utility Corporations and Their Employees
DIVISION 4.1. Provisions Applicable to Privately Owned and Publicly Owned Public Utilities
DIVISION 4.7. California Energy Research, Development, and Demonstration Coordination Meeting
DIVISION 4.8. Publicly Owned Utilities
DIVISION 4.9. Restructuring of Publicly Owned Electric Utilities in Connection With the Restructuring of the Electrical ...
DIVISION 5. Utilities Owned by Municipal Corporations
DIVISION 6. Municipal Utility District Act
DIVISION 7. Public Utility District Act
DIVISION 8. The Mare Island Utility District Act
DIVISION 9. Aviation
DIVISION 10. Transit Districts
DIVISION 11. Transit Development Boards
DIVISION 11.5. North San Diego County Transit Development Board
DIVISION 12. County Transportation Commissions
DIVISION 12.5. County Traffic and Transportation Funding in the Nine-County San Francisco Bay Area
DIVISION 12.7. County and Regional Transportation Commissions
DIVISION 13. Santa Clara County Traffic Authority
DIVISION 13.1. Santa Clara County Traffic Authority
DIVISION 14. Coachella Valley Intermodal Transportation Authority
DIVISION 15. Fresno County Transportation Authority
DIVISION 15.5. Tuolumne County Traffic Authority
DIVISION 16. Peninsula Rail Transit District
DIVISION 16.5. State Transportation Corridor Preservation
DIVISION 17. San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
DIVISION 19. Local Transportation Authorities
DIVISION 19.5. California High-Speed Rail Service
DIVISION 20. San Bernardino County Transportation Commission
DIVISION 25. Riverside County Transportation Commission

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. Property Taxation
DIVISION 2. Other Taxes
DIVISION 30. Repeals

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. State Highways
DIVISION 2. County Highways
DIVISION 2.5. City Streets
DIVISION 2.7. Courtesy Signs
DIVISION 3. Apportionment and Expenditure of Highway Funds
DIVISION 3.5. The Street and Road Bond Act of 1957
DIVISION 4. The Special Assessment Investigation, Limitation and Majority Protest Act of 1931
DIVISION 4.5. Notice Of Special Assessment, Special Tax, And Foreclosure Proceedings
DIVISION 5. Street Opening
DIVISION 6. Street Opening
DIVISION 7. The Improvement Act of 1911
DIVISION 8. The Street Improvement Act of 1913
DIVISION 9. Change of Grade and Vacation
DIVISION 10. The Improvement Bond Act of 1915
DIVISION 11. Refunding of Bonds Issued Under the "Improvement Bond Act of 1915"
DIVISION 11.5. Refunding Act of 1984 for 1915 Improvement Act Bonds
DIVISION 12. The Municipal Improvement Act of 1913
DIVISION 13. Pedestrian Malls
DIVISION 14. Street Lighting
DIVISION 15. Tree Planting, Landscaping, and Lighting
DIVISION 16. Highway Districts
DIVISION 17. Toll Bridges, Toll Ferries, and Toll Roads
DIVISION 18. Parking
DIVISION 20. Repeals
DIVISION 50. Repeals

General Provisions
DIVISION 1. Unemployment and Disability Compensation
DIVISION 1.5. Automation of the Employment Development Department
DIVISION 2. Work Incentive Programs
DIVISION 3. Employment Services Programs
DIVISION 4. Career Opportunities Development
DIVISION 5. Leisure Sharing
DIVISION 6. Withholding Tax on Wages
DIVISION 7. California Workforce Investment Act
DIVISION 8. Family Economic Security