California Water Law and Policy

This compete guide to water rights and related subjects answers your most frequently ...
Publisher: Matthew Bender
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Publisher: Matthew Bender
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This compete guide to water rights and related subjects answers your most frequently asked questions about the law in simple, easy-to-understand language. For the first time, attorneys can use a single source to trace modern cases and statutory law to their historical origins. California Water Law and Policy includes detailed coverage of the rights and obligations of water supplies, planning and regulatory agencies, and the relationship between the law and physical geology and hydrology. It offers numerous practice pointers and examples, a useful glossary of frequently used terms, and references and citations to the decisions of the State Water Resources Control Board and the California Public Utilities Commission.

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Table of Contents

Volume 1
Chapter 1 California Water Law and Policy
Chapter 2 Appropriative Rights
Chapter 3 Riparian and Overlying Water Rights
Chapter 4 Prescriptive Rights
Chapter 5 Pueblo Rights
Chapter 6 Watershed or County of Origin Priorities
Chapter 7 Foreign, Developed, and Salvaged Waters
Chapter 8 Spring Waters
Chapter 9 Protection and Enforcement of Water Rights
Chapter 10 Transfers

Volume 2
Chapter 11 Ground Water: Special Problems
Chapter 12 Reasonable Uses
Chapter 13 Public Trust and Instream Uses
Chapter 14 Customer Rights and Franchise Obligations
Chapter 15 Federal Interests
Chapter 16 Water Quality
Table of Cases
Table of Statutes