Practice Under Florida Probate Code

A practitioner's guide to the Florida Probate Code with a complete analysis of steps you must take to administer an estate in Florida.
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9th Edition
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Written by skilled probate attorneys, Practice Under Florida Probate Code provides comprehensive analysis of all the steps that you need to take to administer an estate in Florida. It features discussions of major changes to the Probate Code made over the past few years, alerts the user to recent changes to the Florida Probate Rules, and also highlights relevant tax considerations. Forms, sample accountings, and charts for basic probate practice enhance the book's practitioner focus. 

Discussion of new and revised statutory provisions and rules, including:

  • Florida Electronic Wills Act;
  • Florida Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act;
  • elective share laws;
  • fiduciary lawyer-client privilege;
  • apportionment of estate taxes;
  • duty of the personal representative to resign;
  • law governing non-resident’s disposition of Florida property; and
  • extension of deadline for objections to validity of will, venue, or jurisdiction.

Updated case law and discussion of numerous topics, including:

  • ethical resolution when client designates drafting attorney as personal representative;
  • disgorgement and surcharge against attorneys and personal representatives;
  • how to effect spouse’s valid waiver of homestead rights;
  • procedure to release real property from federal tax liens and personal representative’s possession;
  • electronic filing of court documents and timely filing of claims;
  • when to file Notice of Confidential Information;
  • dependent relative revocation;
  • formal and informal notice and in personam jurisdiction; and
  • requirement that death certificates name legally wedded same-sex spouse.

Updated forms and checklists throughout.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1   Important Preliminary Administration Issues

Jennifer L. Griffin and Deborah Packer Goodall

Chapter 2   Practice And Procedure

Robert F. Iseley, Jr.

Chapter 3   Jurisdiction

James A. Herb and Jay L. Kauffman

Chapter 4   Functions Of Lawyers And Personal Representatives

Shane J. Kelley

Chapter 5   Initial Steps In Probate And Administration

Randall L. Marker

Chapter 6   Inventory And Appraisal

Rose M. La Femina

Chapter 7   Elective Share

Daniel A. Hanley, William T. Hennessey, and Christina Papanikos

Chapter 8   Creditors' Claims And Family Allowance

Frank T. Pilotte

Chapter 9   Management Of Decedent’s Property

Frank T. Adams and Daniel K. Capes

Chapter 10   Sales And Transfers Of Estate Assets

Tami F. Conetta

Chapter 11   Determination Of Beneficiaries And Their Interests

Pamela O. Price

Chapter 12   Fiduciary Accountings

Sandra Graham Sheets and Craig A. Mundy

Chapter 13   Partial Distributions

Pamela O. Price

Chapter 14   Final Distribution And Discharge

Jeffrey S. Goethe

Chapter 15   Compensation Of Personal Representatives And Attorneys And Other Expenses Of Administration

Rohan Kelley

Chapter 16   Curators

Robert F. Iseley, Jr.

Chapter 17   Ancillary Administration

Robert A. Dawkins and Kateena E. Manners

Chapter 18   Small Estates And Summary Proceedings

Frank T. Pilotte

Chapter 19   Homestead And Exempt Personal Property

Tae Kelley Bronner and Rohan Kelley

Chapter 20   Pitfalls In Estate Administration — A View From The Bench

Hon. Mark A. Speiser and Alexandra V. Rieman

Chapter 21   Probate Litigation

Rohan Kelley