Real Estate Handbook: Land Laws of Alabama

An indispensible resource, this reference is organized with the busy professional in mind.
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9th Edition
ISBN: 9780769867021
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9th Edition
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9th Edition
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Real Estate Handbook: Land Laws of Alabama has long been the reference Alabama lawyers and real estate agents rely on. This indispensable resource, now in its Ninth Edition, has been updated to include all laws passed during the Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature.

Published in a single volume, Real Estate Handbook: Land Laws of Alabama is organized with the busy professional in mind. It is divided into two sections to facilitate quick, accurate research: the first section is a comprehensive review on virtually every real estate topic. It contains updated statutes as well as current case law. The second section contains Appendix A with over 250 sample forms.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Abstract of Title
Chapter 2 Acknowledgements
Chapter 3 Administration of Estates
Chapter 4 Adoption
Chapter 5 Ad Valorem Taxation
Chapter 6 Adverse Possession
Chapter 7 Annuity and Mortality Tables
Chapter 8 Boundaries
Chapter 9 Conservator of Property
Chapter 10 Contracts
Chapter 11 Corporations
Chapter 12 Curtesy
Chapter 13 Deeds
Chapter 14 Descent and Distribution
Chapter 15 Dower
Chapter 16 Easements
Chapter 17 Eminent Domain
Chapter 18 Guardianship
Chapter 19 Homestead
Chapter 20 Illegitimacy
Chapter 21 Incapacitated Persons
Chapter 22 Minors
Chapter 23 Judgment Liens
Chapter 24 Judicial Sales
Chapter 25 Leases
Chapter 26 License
Chapter 27 Liens
Chapter 28 Life Estates
Chapter 29 Limitation of Actions
Chapter 30 Limited Liability Company
Chapter 31 Limited Liability Partnership
Chapter 32 Limited Partnerships Including Limited Liability Limited Partnerships
Chapter33 Measurements of Land
Chapter 34 Mortgages
Chapter 35 Municipally Owned Property
Chapter 36 Nonprofit Organizations
Chapter 37 Partition
Chapter 38 Partnerships
Chapter 39 Probate of Wills
Chapter 40 Professional Corporations/Professional Associations
Chapter 41 Town Surveys, Plats and Subdivisions
Chapter 42 Vendor's Lien
Chapter 43 Zoning
Appendix A Forms