Dr. SunWolf was a long-time trial and appellate attorney, now an award-winning social science professor and one of the nation’s leading authorities on the behavior of jurors. Her product line for LexisNexis, including the acclaimed Practical Jury Dynamics2 and Jury Talk (DVD), provides trial attorneys with cutting-edge insights on persuasion, listening, memory, social thinking, voir dire, and group-decision making. Her latest book, God-Thinking, invites new thinking about how every juror’s moral compass affects trial outcomes.

About Dr. SunWolf

Dr. SunWolf has been fascinated with juries and their strange customs since her first jury trial in 1975. She is a veteran of many roles within the American justice system including civil litigation attorney, law school clinical education faculty, Training Director for Colorado’s Public Defender System and trial consultant.

She completed both a Master’s and Doctoral degree in Interpersonal and Group Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Sunwolf is now an Associate Professor of Communication at Santa Clara University, California. An active trial consultant and media-trial analyst, she serves on trial advocacy faculties nationally and teaches at continuing education programs throughout the country.

To learn more about Dr. SunWolf, visit http://professorsunwolf.com/ and on Twitter as @TheSocialBrain

Publication Reviews

Dr. SunWolf’s insights into persuasion, social thinking, and group decision-making are collected in the award-winning Practical Jury Dynamics2: From One Juror’s Trial Perceptions to the Group’s Decision-Making Processes from LexisNexis®, consistently applauded by top litigators:

Jury work is frightening, fatiguing, and leaves little time for intellectual research or reading interesting professional writings. SunWolf goes beyond all of that.Her books and teachings are ESSENTIAL to every person who dares to call herself or himself a trial lawyer. It does not matter the depth of experience of the lawyer, the type of case, or the venue—she has something to make the lawyer better on every page.
—Roger J. Dodd, trial attorney and best-selling author, Valdosta, GA 

SunWolf dissects the juror’s mind using analytic tools borrowed from numerous disciplines, distilling insights, then synthesizing them into practical and immediately applicable lessons for trial lawyers. SunWolf has been on the cutting edge of practice for over twenty years.
—Lisa Monet Wayne, Past President NACDL, Denver, CO