Real Estate Financing

Real Estate Financing covers everything from complex loan workouts to simple residential closings.
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Publisher: ALM
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Real Estate Financing provides explanations of the issues along with the guidance you need to draft working documents quickly. Real Estate Financing includes: checklists for loan modifications; wraparound mortgage loans; subordinations; loans secured by condos, co-ops and time shares; sale-leasebacks; contingent interests; securitizations; deeds in lieu and consensual foreclosures; participations; installment sales; sales of mortgage loans; and much more. The checklists highlight "deal" terms, flag risks and hot issues, and direct users, through cross-references, to alternative approaches and analysis. Standards issued by ratings agencies for securitized loans are discussed in detail, as are the EPA and ASTM standards for Phase I environmental reports and the best Web sites for forms and drafting requirements.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: How to Use This Book

Chapter 2: Overview of Standard Mortgage Financing; Pre-Closing Matters

Chapter 3: Promissory Notes and Payment Terms Generally

Chapter 4: Contingent Interest

Chapter 5: Mezzanine Loans, Convertible Mortgages, and Other Lender Rights to Equity Interests

Chapter 6: Mortgages, Deeds of Trust and Other Loan Documents Generally

Chapter 7: Title Insurance

Chapter 8: Guarantees and Other Credit Enhancements

Chapter 9: Legal Opinions and Reports

Chapter 10: Leasehold Mortgage Loans

Chapter 11: Subordinate Mortgage Financing

Chapter 12: Construction Loans

Chapter 13: Purchase Money Financing

Chapter 14: Loans Secured by Single-Family Homes

Chapter 15: Loans Secured by Condominium, Homeowners Association and Time Share Units

Chapter 16: Loans Secured by Cooperative Units

Chapter 17: Structured Finance (“Securitizations”)

Chapter 18: Sale-Leasebacks; Synthetic Leasing

Chapter 19: Pledges of Real Estate Mortgages and Notes

Chapter 20:
Participations and Syndications

Chapter 21: Sales of Mortgage Loans

Chapter 22: Loan Modifications

Chapter 23: Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure