Private Equity Funds: Business Structure and Operations

This book is the first practical guide that gives attorneys, investment professionals, tax practitioners and corporate lawyers the tools they need to handle any aspect of a private investment fund.
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With nearly $7 trillion invested in more than 20,000 funds, investor interest in the private equity industry has returned, despite the economic turmoil of recent years. Still, guidance about the organization and administration of these funds is tough to find. This resource will equip corporate lawyers, investment professionals, and tax practitioners with best practices to manage these funds effectively. Private Equity Funds: Business Structure and Operations covers a wide range of important issues, such as: the key economic differences between various types of funds; structuring the private equity fund to meet economic expectations and investment goals; securing maximum tax benefits for the sponsor of the fund; duties of the fund's General Partner and Investment Advisor; the major regulatory issues affecting the private equity fund; and much more. Private Equity Funds: Business Structure and Operations reflects the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007 to 2009. The authors also focus on cyber risk and the compliance obligations of investment advisers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Private Equity Funds

Chapter 2: Key Economic Terms: Carried Interest, Management Fees and Other Income

Chapter 3: General Structural Issues For Domestic Funds

Chapter 4: General Structural Issues For the General Partner and The Manager

Chapter 5: Taxation of the Private Equity Fund and the Investors

Chapter 6: Taxation of the General Partner

Chapter 7: Miscellaneous Tax-Related Topics

Chapter 8: Regulatory Issues Affecting The Private Fund

Chapter 9: Regulation of Managers Under the U.S. Securities Laws

Chapter 10: Other Applicable Regulatory Regimes

Chapter 11: Implementing the Economic Bargain: The Private Equity Fund Limited Partnership Agreement

Chapter 12: Implementing the Economic Bargain: The Limited Liability Company Agreement for the General Partner