New Jersey Estate & Trust Litigation

By Paul F. Cullum III, Michael R. Griffinge
Publisher: ALM

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2019 Edition
ISBN: 9781628815276
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2019 Edition
ISBN: 9781628815283
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"For many lawyers, venturing into estate litigation is much like arriving for a week's stay in Barcelona without a tour guide. They find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Where to start?" —Gerald C. Escala, Ret. Superior Court Judge, Bergen County

Keep the lid on the family feuds by giving sound legal advice for various actions likely to be encountered in probate litigation. It's all here in one place to learn or locate. Whether you are preparing a will and related documents, or engaged in probate litigation, New Jersey Estate and Trust Litigation will navigate the case law and unpublished decisions and procedure you'll need to know.

New in this edition:

•  Amendments to NJ Court Rules governing guardianship matters, including new forms
•  Legislation UFADAA
•  Cases on Elective Share and Medicaid, Fiduciary Duty and the Investment Firm, Shifting of Counsel Fees, Funeral Arrangements, Writings Intended as Wills, Testamentary Capacity, Will Contest, Trusts and Standing, Palimony, and Federal Jurisdiction Damages