Maximizing Law Firm Profitability: Hiring, Training and Developing Productive Lawyers

Maximizing Law Firm Profitability: Hiring, Training and Developing Productive Lawyers shows you how to manage your own practice and how to develop the potential of the people reporting to you.
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Publisher: ALM
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Whether you practice with a small group of lawyers or manage a large law firm, Debra Forman's Maximizing Law Firm Profitability: Hiring, Training and Developing Productive Lawyers will help you become more effective, productive and successful.

Completely rewritten by an acknowledged expert, this comprehensive resource will enable you to better manage your practice and effectively realize the potential of junior colleagues. With practical advice for legal professionals that is updated two times every year, its coverage includes:

Building a unique blueprint for your firm's success
Establishing hiring and integration procedures for summer and lateral associates and lateral partners
Creating professional development programs for associates and partners
Formulating social media guidelines
Standardizing effective evaluation processes
Instituting elevation and development policies
Following personal branding standards
Focusing on client service
Developing delegation and feedback techniques
Fostering internal and external relationships

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Defining Profitability: Your Blueprint for Success

Chapter 2: Summer Associates and Lateral Associates: Maximizing Profitability Through Effective Hiring

Chapter 3: Lateral Partners: Maximizing Profitability Through Effective Training

Chapter 4: Professional Development for Competence, Performance, and Results

Chapter 5: Associate Development: Maximizing Profitability Through Legal Talent Development

Chapter 6: Maximizing Profitability: Meeting and Exceeding Expectations

Chapter 7: Workplace Balance: Drive Your Professional Career Forward

Chapter 8: Maximizing Profitability: Using Social Media Effectively

Chapter 9: Focusing on Skill Development

Chapter 10: Direct Your Values Quotient to Control Your Success

Chapter 11: Maximizing Profitability: Be Visible and Brand Effectively

Chapter 12: Effective Evaluations

Chapter 13: Maximizing Profitability: Stay Engaged - Always Have Skin in the Game

Chapter 14: Individualized Career Guidance and Mentoring

Chapter 15: Firm Leadership

Chapter 16: Associate and Counsel: Elevation and Development

Chapter 17: Focusing on Partnership Needs: Development, Succession, Transition

Chapter 18: Training Lawyers to Market the Firm's Legal Services

Chapter 19: Maximizing Profitability: Promote Championing and Sponsorship at Your Firm