Law Firm Accounting and Financial Management

This book covers topics such as: fundamentals of law firm financial information, with easy-to-understand examples of the data involved and financial management concepts.
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Publisher: ALM
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Whether you are a partner, an executive director, or a law firm CFO, Law Firm Accounting and Financial Management helps you manage your law firm effectively. Featuring lucid explanations and illustrative exhibits, the new edition — the most comprehensive and detailed version to date — discusses the latest management, tax planning and accounting strategies for law firms; new information reporting requirements; and special issues affecting multinational firms. Topics covered include: fundamentals of law firm financial information, with easy-to-understand examples of the data involved; financial management concepts, such as profitability analysis, profit center accounting, budgeting, long range planning, project management and organizing the finance function within the law firm environment; tax planning and reporting, with discussion of compliance, retirement and pension plans; law firm structures, with discussion of the use of umbrella structures by multinational law firms and the issues raised by cross-border practices; and advanced accounting and financial considerations for law firm management. Advanced topics include: managing risk; pricing strategies, management information reporting; benchmarking; property acquisition; M&A accounting and strategies for successful mergers; capital structures and financing; the uniform task-based management system; and partner compensation.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Financial Reporting Concepts

Chapter 2: Cash Basis Financial Statements

Chapter 3: Accrual Basis Financial Statements

Chapter 4: Revenue and Expenses

Chapter 5: Assets and Liabilities

Chapter 6: Partners' Accounts

Chapter 7: Internal Controls

Chapter 8: Business Concepts

Chapter 9: Employing Project Management in the Law Firm

Chapter 10: Management Reporting

Chapter 11: Profit Center Accounting

Chapter 12: Budgeting

Chapter 13: Long-Range Planning

Chapter 14: Systems and Data

Chapter 15: Organizing the Finance Function

Chapter 16: Tax Information Reporting

Chapter 17: Retirement and Pension Plans

Chapter 18: Tax Planning

Chapter 19: Business Expenses and Fringe Benefits

Chapter 20: Law Firm Structures

Chapter 21: Global Operations

Chapter 22: Risk Management

Chapter 23: Financial Modeling

Chapter 24: Merger and Acquisition Accounting

Chapter 25: Partners' Compensation

Chapter 26: Capital Structure and Financing

Chapter 27: The Law Firm and Business Development

Chapter 28: Pricing Strategies

Chapter 29: Uniform Task-Based Management System and Legal Electronic Invoicing

Chapter 30: Management Information

Chapter 31: Property and Equipment Acquisition: The Lease or Buy Decision

Chapter 32: Law Firm Governance

Chapter 33: Outsourcing