Constangy's Field Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act

By Michael D. Malfitano
Publisher: ALM

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ISBN: 9781576256602
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Daily Business Review Books is releasing their annual: Constangy's Field Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act, authored by the law firm of Constangy Brooks & Smith, LLP. This book will provide Florida attorneys with clarity to the most recent developments under the FLSA's regulations and facilitate a better understanding of:

FLSA retaliation claims. Including an analysis of the Supreme Court's decision in Kasten.
What courts look for in granting or denying summary judgment, for plaintiffs and defendants, in an exemption case.
The continuing battle among the courts on defining the outside sales exemption: who is winning?
The latest on coverage issues for the highly compensated employee exemption.
Damages for misclassification: how employers are escaping the big hit.
Failing to plead affirmative defenses: is all lost?
and much more.