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Mortgage Lending Operations and Administration gives you a wealth of information that covers all aspects of mortgage lending, from setting up your operations all the way through how to underwrite, document, and make loans. Plus, it helps you with other key issues like resolving problem loan situations, pricing loans, and managing risks. This one-stop resource offers:

•   Practical, concise guidance: Author James Pannabecker guides you through this complex subject by giving you just what you need to run your mortgage lending operation, cutting through the clutter of unnecessary information.

•   Forms, checklists, and sample policies: Make your planning process easier and more comprehensive with this practical, hands-on guide that offers the tested tools and techniques to managing and operating your mortgage lending business.

•   A comprehensive, commonsense approach: Covers all aspects of mortgage lending, from setting up the organization to the mechanics of underwriting, documenting, making and reviewing loans, and resolving problem loan situations in a way that cuts through the complexity.

•   All-purpose desk reference: ncludes summaries of key federal laws and regulations that affect mortgage lending operations, and guidance on how to manage regulatory examinations.

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