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The Bridge: How to Launch Your Career Through a Legal Internship

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2015 Edition
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ISBN: 9781632818119
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The Bridge is a blueprint for students to help in obtaining the legal internship that is best for them and using that experience to take control of their career. The Bridge is rooted in extensive research and incorporates principles from various disciplines including human resources consulting, recruitment and relationship–building, professional development, leadership training, experiential learning, behavioral, cognitive and organizational psychology, and law practice management. These principles are applied to real situations that arise during internships to provide color, context, foreshadow what to expect, and to resonate with the reader. The Bridge covers every angle, is endorsed by legal professionals of all experience levels and sectors and, perhaps most importantly, addresses the issues that apply to legal interns today. It is relevant, comprehensive and practical. Following the guidance set forth in The Bridge will optimize your students’ internship experience.

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Table of Contents

Ch 1 Your Career Considerations

Ch 2 What Are Your Options?

Ch 3 Finding Internship Opportunities

Ch 4 Applying for Internships

Ch 5 The Interview

Ch 6 Learn Practical Legal Skills

Ch 7 Create Working Relationships With Attorneys

Ch 8 Develop as a Professional

Ch 9 Prepare for Your Internship

Ch 10 Be Enthusiastic

Ch 11 Demonstrate a Strong Attention to Detail

Ch 12 Manage Your Stress

Ch 13 Upwardly Manage Your Assigning Attorneys

Ch 14 Nail the Legal Research Assignment

Ch 15 Twenty Tips for Successful Performance

Ch 16 Winding Down Professionally