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Waters and Water Rights Third Edition

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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781579119447
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3rd Edition
ISBN: 9781579119447
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Waters and Water Rights is the authoritative reference on this highly complex and rapidly evolving area of law. Primarily national in scope, but with interstate, state-specific and international coverage, this treatise contains more in-depth information than any other publication on legal issues involving water rights, water usage and water quality. These issues are of increasing importance to counsel and their clients for several reasons:

• Water is the resource that will likely require the greatest adaptation to many of the most critical impacts of climate change, and may also provide opportunities for climate change mitigation.
• Water has long been a scarce resource in much of the United States, and increases in population and development have exacerbated this problem.
• Likewise, water quality issues have intensified with increases in population and development.
• As a result of the above conditions, litigation and government regulation over the allocation, use, and quality of water continues to grow.

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Table of Contents

Part I- Waters, Water Rights and This Treatise

Part II- Ripariansim

Part III- Prior Appropriation

Part IV- Quantitative Groundwater Law

Part V- Distribution and Storage Organizations

Part VI- The Public Right to Use Water in Place

Part VII- Federal and Indian Rights, Powers and Activities

Part VIII- Interstate Water Allocation

Part IX- International Waters

Part X- Environmental Controls

Part XI- River Basin State Surveys

Part XII- Glossary; Cumulative Tables of Cases; Cumulative Tables of Statutes;
Cumulative Index