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Understanding Law School

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ISBN: 9780327191063
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Understanding Law School is an eBook specifically designed for first-year law students. With sample chapters from some of our leading Understanding titles, content included in this book is designed to be a resource during each year of law school. The LexisNexis Understanding Series, a collection of user-friendly student treatises on a variety of topics, includes more than 50 individual titles. The concise, yet comprehensive, analysis contained in each Understanding title provides a foundation for true understanding of the subject and facilitates more than mere rote learning.

Understanding Law School contains the introductory chapter of each of the following leading student treatises:

•   Understanding Civil Procedure
•   Understanding Contracts
•   Understanding Property Law
•   Understanding Torts
•   Understanding Constitutional Law
•   Understanding Criminal Law
•   Understanding Evidence
•   Understanding Corporate Law
•   Understanding Criminal Procedure Volume 1: Investigation
•   Understanding Lawyers' Ethics
•   Understanding Administrative Law
•   Understanding Federal Income Taxation
•   Understanding Intellectual Property
•   Understanding International Law
•   Understanding Trusts and Estates
•   Understanding Islamic Law

Each Understanding title is designed to provide a solid grounding in the subject covered and to help the reader succeed in gaining a mastery of the subject. The appendix in Understanding Law School contains some very useful reference material, including a chapter on the Basic Concepts of American Jurisprudence from American Legal Systems: A Resource and Reference Guide, a unique book that provides an overview of American legal institutions and sources of law, and presents a guide to the interrelationships between and among those institutions and legal authorities.