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The Kentucky Evidence Law Handbook, Fifth Edition

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Before Kentucky enacted the Kentucky Rules of Evidence, the trial bar relied on The Kentucky Evidence Law Handbook for quick, accurate answers to evidence questions. Now in its Fifth Edition, The Kentucky Evidence Law Handbook delivers the same reliable information from the principal author of the Rules. In a complete overhaul of the previous editions, Professor Lawson provides step-by-step commentary on the law of evidence in Kentucky.

As in previous editions, the Fifth Edition of the Handbook provides complete coverage of all Kentucky decisions (Supreme Court and Court of Appeals) that construe or apply the Kentucky Rules of Evidence, and comprehensive coverage of both pre-Rules decisions and federal cases that provide helpful guidance on using the Rules of Evidence or are likely to be influential with the Kentucky courts. Further, the Handbook is often quoted and cited in Kentucky court decisions.

When the pace quickens in court and you need an answer fast, the index leads you directly to the topics that typically arise at trial and appeal, such as:

•  Relevance
•  Impeachment
•  Witnesses

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 General Matters
Chapter 2 Relevancy and Related Matters
Chapter 3 Witnesses
Chapter 4 Impeachment and Rehabilitation
Chapter 5 Privileges
Chapter 6 Opinion Evidence
Chapter 7 Authentication and the Best Evidence Rule
Chapter 8 Hearsay Evidence
Chapter 9 Burden of Proof
Chapter 10 Presumptions
Chapter 11 Miscellaneous Matters
Table of Cases