Texas Workers' Compensation Laws and Rules Annotated, 2011-2012 Edition

Publisher: Michie

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Book + CD :Softbound
ISBN: 9780769848334
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Texas Workers' Compensation Laws and Rules Annotated provides fingertip access to the Texas Workers' Compensation Act and Texas Administrative Code provisions governing workers' compensation practice and procedure. Comprehensively annotated and indexed by LexisNexis' experienced staff of lawyer-editors, Texas Workers' Compensation Laws and Rules Annotated lets you focus your research dollars - and your shelf space - on one indispensable book.

As an added bonus, you can complement your traditional book research with the powerful advantages of CD-ROM technology. Each volume includes a fully-searchable, printable and downloadable CD-ROM version of the book!

Features At-A-Glance:

•  Completely annotated statutes
•  Table of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation
•  Comprehensive Index
•  Companion CD-ROM
•  Updated annually

Table of Contents

(Selected Highlights)

•  Table of Sections Affected
•  Operation and Administration of Workers' Compensation System
•  Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage
•  Self-Insurance Regulation
•  Workers' Compensation Benefits
•  Compensation Procedures
•  Adjudication of Disputes
•  Medical Review
•  Administrative Violations
•  Coverage for Government Employees
•  and more!