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State v. Cooper

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Ethan Eldermahn is a sixty-year-old man with Parkinson's disease who has been found unconscious in his backyard. He suffered heatstroke and severe sunburn and has suspicious bruises on his arms and legs. The defendant, Calvin Cooper, has been charged with two counts of elder abuse and neglect. Cooper denies ever physically abusing Eldermahn and asserts that he was in the care of the housekeeper, Greta Mayerson, at the time the alleged neglect took place. The defendant claims he was the victim's friend and companion and was neither licensed nor employed as a caretaker. There are six witnesses for the plaintiff and four witnesses for the defendant.

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Case Summary

Instructions for Use as a Full Trial


Arrest Warrant

Affidavit of Complaint

Arrest Report

Nita City Street Map

Harmon Staff Biography

Incident Report

Statement of Greta Mayerson

Diagram of Library and Garden-1800 Mockingbird Lane

Third Floor Diagram

Medallion Picture

Picture of Shirt and Azalea Bush

Nita General Hospital ER Report

Body Diagram

Resume of Dr. Erin McMichael

Statement of EMT Ralph Parker

Indictment--Count 1

Indictment--Count 2

Eldred Hospital Record (Gothitann)

Eldred Hospital Record (English translation)

Resume of Wasily Mzlawcz

Eldermahn Birth Certificate and Apostille (Gothitann)

Eldermahn Birth Certificate (English translation)

Statement of Calvin Cooper

Statement of Gunther Thomas

Crescent Moon Hotel Ledger

District Attorney Memo--Jamie Foster

Statement of Jamie Foster

Biltwell Indecruise Owner's Manual

Joystick Diagram

Letter from John Lovecraft

Nita Gazette Article

Deposition of Dr. Connor Cornell

NitAmericard Statement

Excerpt from Geriatric Practice by Dominick Simcaud

Gothitannica Code Section 7822

Nita Statutes

Jury Instructions

Jury Verdict Form